Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Jennifer Garner got her ears pierced for the first time

The 48-year-old actress said this Never really happened She was soon to do this and her father feared that he would get upset with her for putting a hole in her ears.

Garner told Ellen DeGeners during an appearance on her talk show, “I was afraid that my dad still wouldn’t like it and he was like, ‘Jennifer, I love you more than anything,’ so that’s why I like it.” Was, ‘Okay.’ “

Asked if she liked piercing her ears, Garner said, “I’m so thrilled with them, I can’t believe it never happened to me to do so. I love them.” ” She also took off her hair to show a pair of small gold earrings.

He said that it did not hurt, he told Denerges that a person had come to his house and pierced his ears with a long sharp instrument, not a piercing gun.

The only bizarre move the actress has taken is not the only one.

She says that she and her eldest daughter prepared a local fire hydrant and named it Gloria, saying that it is illegal to come to her house and take her daughter to jail directly.


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