Judge Halt Race and Gender Priority for Restaurant Relief Grant

The business owners who brought the suit are among the non-priority applicants who have been paid, the agency said in the court filing. On June 1, the SBA paid the owners of Lost Cajun $187,753, Penn Hotel Sports & Raw Bar $640,425 and Jake’s Bar and Grill $104,590.

Conservative groups supported his suit. Texas case was brought America First Legal, President Donald J. A group run by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller and three other Trump administration officials.

“The Biden administration has caused unnecessary pain and suffering to countless Americans through its reprehensible and unconstitutional scheme that sent restaurant owners – depending on their race – to the back of the line for limited pools of money,” Mr Miller said. a statement.

The Tennessee case, filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, won another victory last week against a Biden administration program that prioritized business owners based on race. a federal judge in Wisconsin $ 4 billion debt relief program for minority farmers stopped, ruling that the suing farmers are likely to win the claim that the government’s use of breed-based norms in the administration of the program violated their right to equal protection.

Rick Eisenberg, president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, said in a statement, “The impact of Covid-19 did not discriminate against race, and neither should COVID relief.”

Mr. Leon, who is Latino, said he planned to use the $285,000 he promised to raise his employees’ wages, hire more employees, pay overdue bills and extend his operating hours. which are currently limited to three days a week. He said customers are eager to eat out again, but without cash, they cannot ramp up their operations.

“We are very busy and need more employees, but we can’t bring them because we can’t afford them,” he said. “The worst-case scenario is that we cannot break out of this vicious cycle. If we don’t get this grant, it could mean the end of Amelinda.

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