Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Julia Leto wins Louisiana’s 5th district special election, while second district runoff goes to CNN Projects

Will letlow Take a seat That her late husband Luke, who won last year’s election but died in December after being diagnosed with Kovid-19, could never catch up.

She would make history as the first Republican woman to represent the state in Congress.

Several prominent Republicans followed him after the announcement of campaigning for the seat. Former President Donald Trump, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and the Louisiana GOP Rep. Steve Scalise – the No. 2 House Republican – all supported him out of the nine Republicans running for the seat.

Leto, who is a first-time candidate, will avoid a runoff as he won a majority in the 12-man field.

Runoff in 2nd district

Democrats Troy Carter and Karen Carter Peterson will move to Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District on April 24 in a special election for CNN projects.

The winner of the runoff will fill the seat vacated by Democrat Cedric Richmond, who resigned in January to join the Biden administration.

Carter and Carter Peterson, who are not related, are both Louisiana state senators representing New Orleans.

Carter is a Senate minority leader and received Richmond’s support before resigning from Congress. Carter Peterson served in the Louisiana House for a decade before joining the Senate in 2010 and also served as the Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party Committee.

Carter Peterson finished with the second-most votes, receiving nearly 1,400 more votes than Democrat Gary Chambers, Jr. as of late Saturday night.

This story has been updated with a launch for the 2nd district.


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