Justice Department reviewing decision not to prosecute former FBI agents who foiled Larry Nassar investigation

Monaco told the Senate Judiciary Committee, “I can inform the committee today that the recently confirmed Assistant AG for the Criminal Division is reviewing this case, including new information.” “I want the committee, and frankly I want survivors to understand how seriously we take this issue and believe it reserves a thorough and complete review.”

Many Famous Gymnasts Who Were Abused by Nassaro spoke in front of a Senate panel Last month about the lack of accountability and inaction by the FBI. Lawmakers and gymnasts expressed outrage at the Justice Department’s decision not to charge two former FBI employees who were referred by the department’s inspector general for possible prosecution.

Monaco said Tuesday that the Justice Department is now reviewing its decision not to prosecute the agents. Monaco declined to provide further details about the new information.

“In light of that review, I think you’ll understand that I’m constrained about what else I can say about it,” she said.

Monaco also raised questions about whether the statute of limitations limits lying to the FBI or other potential criminal acts in the case and said it believed it was five years.

Sexual abuse allegations against Nassar were reported to the FBI in 2015 and 2016, and the agents’ actions were Investigated Thereafter by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice for several years.

Asked by Senate Judiciary President Dick Durbin whether there is an urgent need for this criminal review or timetable, Monaco said, “We take our duty to protect victims extraordinarily seriously. There is a sense of urgency and seriousness that needs to be done.”

The FBI recently fired agent Michael Langman, who interviewed gymnast MacKayla Maroney, while another officer, Jay Abbott, retired in early 2018.

This story has been updated with additional details.


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