Kamala Harris Hired Two Communications Associates

“His experience has been and will be a valuable resource to our entire team as we plan long-term and deliver on the administration’s ambitious policy agenda,” the White House official said. told CNN.

The pair, who worked for Harris during each presidential transition, will focus their efforts on “organizational development, strategic communication and long-term planning.”

Washington Post was to report first on recruitments.

Voles, a veteran communications strategist and Clinton and Gore alum, will work in a temporary capacity on contracts of three to six months, a source familiar with Harris’s office told CNN. According to the White House official, Frankel is also temporary.

The hiring comes after a tough summer for Vice President, during which he criticized multiple messages wrong and staffing issues. Republicans have seized on any obvious wrongdoing, consistently targeting Harris part of a long-term strategy To undermine a potential future Democratic presidential candidate.
During his first trip abroad in office, in June, Harriso Failed politically sensitive question During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt about why he had not yet visited the US-Mexico border as vice president.

At the time, what many of the vice president’s aides and former aides described as having a “flashback” was incorrectly viewed as part of a broader pattern of messaging challenges that have plagued him since his unsuccessful presidential campaign.

The interview with Holt occurred after Harris had attended an extensive media training session on how to improve his presentation and presentation in interviews and speeches. According to multiple sources, this training was one of several sessions in the last year. A colleague said at the time that the session was not in response to or preparation for a particular interview or topic.

In July, the White House Dove in damage control Following reports of dysfunction and infighting in the vice president’s office, the administration tried to stifle the drama-filled narrative, according to five people who spoke to CNN about the dynamics within Harris’ office.
In response to previous criticism over his messaging and staffing, the White House has reiterated that Harris remains focused on his work, which includes paying special attention to voting rights And immigration, including addressing the root causes of migration from Central America.


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