Friday, May 7, 2021

Kidnappers killed two more students abducted from Nigerian University

They were among 20 students and three staff members abducted from Greenfield University in Kaduna, northwestern Nigeria last Tuesday.

“The security agencies have just reported to the Kaduna State Government the recovery of two more bodies of students of Greenfield University, killed by armed bandits,” said Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Security of Kaduna State. And Ministry of Home Affairs, A. Statement Posted on Facebook.
Latest murder After killing three kidnapped students, Whose remains were found in a village bordering the school on Friday.

The state governor of Kathuna, Nasir al-Rufai, has been unwavering in his stand against negotiations with the kidnappers.

Aruvan said in the statement that “the government of Kaduna state, led by Malam Nasir al-Rufai, is saddened by this evil against the kidnapped innocent students while pursuing their education for a glorious future.”

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday described the incidents of kidnapping and murder in Kaduna state as a “barbaric terrorist attack”.

Kidnapping for ransom has increased in Kaduna and other parts of northern Nigeria, as criminal gangs target schools that are considered unsafe.


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