Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Kovid Commentary Hearing with Fauci: Live Update

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President Biden’s coronovirus response will be front and center in today’s House hearing.

The white house is Race to blunt and prepare Potential for growth in the fourth coronavirus as more communicable CoronavirusSpread over the US variants – Billions of dollars invested To promote the preparation of coronaviruses, to accelerate the pace of vaccination and to prepare the public and governors for the possibility of another surge.

In what would be a first, the White House plans to vaccinate emerging hotspots in an effort to blunt the virus’s trajectory and protect those at highest risk, two senior administration officials told CNN.

While the number of coronovirus cases continues to decline and more than 2 million Americans are now being vaccinated daily, the White House Kovid-19 response team is preparing for the worst.

Authorities have combed through the data to plot the virus’s trajectory, mapping out various scenarios and drawing up plans for how the federal government will snap into action.

“Everything we do can be done keeping in mind the idea that there might be another surge,” said a senior administration official, who said that the virus could be tackled and bounced. Carry out the efforts of the administration.

In recent weeks, there has been increased attention that the decline in new daily cases is slow, closing at alarmingly high levels.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the more communicable B.1.1.7 variant, first identified in the United Kingdom, will be the major stressor within weeks. There is also concern about governors and local officials that public health restrictions have been loosened in states ahead of time.

The fourth boom will be the first time President Biden’s A major examination for the clock and the new administration. And some hurdles still remain – including unilateral authority of state and local officials over the federal government in enforcing public health restrictions – with a half-dozen Biden administration officials telling CNN they believe the federal The government is better than ever to handle a surge. .

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