Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Lawyers said federal prosecutors gave the green signal to Capitol riot defendants to present the petition

Defense attorneys have long recognized that most of the evidence in Capitol riot cases is not sufficiently disputed to be taken to trial – especially because there is too much on video – and to end the accusations of more than 350 people Want their court proceedings quickly. But the cases have been stalled for weeks as the Justice Department worked to get it ready to work, prompting lawyers to delay several court proceedings.

Lawyers told CNN that it was not yet clear how many or how many defendants could get the petitions, and that they were not offered to all interested defendants. Lawyers who spoke to CNN described deals with defendants as abusers, not cases with more serious charges.

The hang-up so far reveals at least partially how unusual the Capitol cases are: that hundreds, each contain several hours of video evidence, and charges ranging from trespass and vandalism crimes to more serious violence and conspiracy Charges of.

“There’s no place to say, ‘Well, this is what they’re going to offer” “For the plea deals, a defense attorney who was still waiting for a potential offer for his client, Said Thursday night. The lawyer said, “These cases are not worth the matrix we used to deal with,” such as how a defendant charged with murder could lead to a person convicted of low income. is.

In recent times, the Department of Justice has been close to cutting deals, including Capitol riot defendants, including Arrange for partners To help in their major affairs. But the department’s leadership had not signed on.
For example, a prosecutor in the oath keepers conspiracy case told a federal judge on Tuesday that leadership over his direct supervisors was still discussing plea deals. And in a court filing on Monday in the case of a heavy metal guitarist in talks to cooperate, prosecutors admitted that Capitol Diote Mia Needs Deals “Comprehensive review and approval at various levels of government requires more time than is generally accepted and negotiated.”

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on Thursday.

It is not yet clear whether prosecutors have been authorized to deal with defense defendants of major conspiracy cases against oath chiefs and proud boys.

Next week, 100 days after insuring. Many defendants deemed violent, obstructive or threats to public safety await further court proceedings from prison. Overall, judges and attorneys have acknowledged that the Capitol Rebellion on 6 January created one of the most extensive and in-depth investigations in American history.


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