Saturday, April 17, 2021

Leader Anne Beats, author of ‘SNL’ and ‘Square Pegs’ producer, has died

A two-time Emmy winner for “SNL”, Beat became the first woman to contribute as editor of the comic magazine National Lampoon in 1975 before being tapped as part of the founding writing team on the NBC LateNight program. He worked on many memorable sketches. , Which includes several guild rednars, among them “Nerd” with then writing partner Rosie Shuster. Beatus was also a writer on the 1980 film “Gilda Live”, a filmed version of Redner’s Broadway show.

In a 2009 interview with the Television Academy, Beats recalled those early days of the show, “Rosie Shuster and I collaborated a lot, and most of the time we were just two women … we would always feel the responsibility.” To ensure that the ‘girls’ in the cast, as they were known, were covered. “

The Beatus dropped “Saturday Night” in 1980 and produced “Square Pegs”, a teen-oriented comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker but lasting only one season.

Subsequent credits included the production of “The Cosby Show” spinoff “A Different World” and “The Stephanie Miller Show”. Her writing also included books – a co-edit of women’s humor called “Titters” and a column for the Los Angeles Times.

Beats returned to “SNL” in 1999 to make a special contribution on its 25th anniversary. Most recently, he was teaching writing at Chapman University in Southern California through his school of film and media arts, also teaching at USC and Cal State University at Northridge. .

Original “SNL” cast member Larin Newman tweeted, “Our Anne – an OG SNL writer died yesterday.” In 2020, vulture critic Jane Chaney wrote Beet Appreciation, “Whether they realize it or not, every teen series and film that follows ‘Square Pegs’, and attributes it to Anne Beats, who owe it a total debt of gratitude.”

She is survived by her daughter, Jaylen Beats. The cause of death was not disclosed.


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