Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Leon Gast, director of We When We Were Kings, was 84 years old.

Mr. Gast could not even see the 300,000 feet of footage he had shot. Mr King said Mr King said the project would cover for a shell company based in the Cayman Islands and owned by Finance Minister Liberian Minister Stephen Tolbert. Mr. Gast flew to Liberia to arrange for more money, but before they could strike a deal, Mr. Tolbert Died in a plane crash.

Mr. Gast’s lawyer, David Sonberg, sued in a British court, and a year later Mr. Gast piled his film, plus hours and hours of audio, into the bedroom and hallway of his apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side .

He had no money, and so he took a number of side projects. At one time, the Hells Angels hired him to make a film that would expose his reputation as violent criminals – though he filed his own case, when many of them called Mr. Gast (him Without being seriously injured) had been denied editorial control. (movie, “Angels forever, “Was widely banned.”

Not all of Mr. Gast’s efforts were described as film-related or legal. One night of june 1979 He and at least four other people from Charleston, W. V. a. While waiting near an airport near the airport, an aircraft contained about 10 tons of marijuana, which they were smuggling from Colombia. But the plane crashed on landing, dropping its contents down a hill. Mr. Gast was arrested, convicted and received a $ 10,000 fine and five years of probation.

In 1989, after years of conflict, Mr. Gast rejoined Mr. Sonberg, who had since become a successful music manager. Mr. Gast persuaded him to ease the rest of the production process, and even asked him to use a room in his Manhattan townhouse as a studio.

Mr. Gast was still intent on centering the film on the festival. But one day one of Mr. Sonberg’s clients, hip-hop star Wyclef Jean, was in the studio while editing a clip of Mr. Gast Ali. Mr. Jean was surrounded, and asked to see as much footage as possible.

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