Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Leopold’s Soaring Lincoln Center Sculpture Lands at Lee Gardold

Richard Lippold’s Sculpture “Orpheus and Apollo,” The one that was removed from Lincoln Center’s Philharmonic Hall (now David Geffen Hall) in 2014 will once again be suspended in flight: as the center of the central hall of La Guardia Airport.

Architect critic said, “There are not many places where you can place a sculpture 40 feet high” Paul goldberger, Which was contemplated during the use of the Central Hall in 2019 – a gorgeous glass-enclosed connector Terminal b And AirTrain – was still being determined. “It occurred to me that two problems can be solved with one act,” Goldberger said. The hall is to open next year.

Transfer agreement between Lincoln Center, which could not accommodate the sculpture on its own Renovation plan for Giffen Hall, And oversees the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Airport change of 8 billion dollarsWas brokered by Goldsmith, An advisor on both projects.

The central hall, which will be accessible pre-security, is being developed around the sculpture as the living room of La Guardia, which consists of 190 strips of metal hung on steel wires from the ceiling. It will be visible from a number of perspectives, both inside and outside, through a glass facade.

“Instead of the disappearance of a great piece of public art,” said Goldberger, “it will be seen by more people and more vantage points than ever before.” “

The site is fitting: Lipold Also known as “ad Astra, “A stainless steel sculpture outside the National Air and Space Museum in Washington.

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