Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Live coverage: Derek Chauvin is on trial for George Floyd’s death

Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Blackwell Pool

The next witness is an 18-year-old student. Her identity is being kept secret since she was a minor on May 25, 2020, when she witnessed the death of George Floyd.

The woman testified that she and her cousin were going to the scene at Cup Foods that day.

The prosecution played video of the scene of the witness and his cousin where former officer Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground.

He said that he saw “a man frightened, frightened, begging for his life”

“It wasn’t right. He was suffering. He was in pain,” she said. She testified that she later found out that the man on the ground was George Floyd

Asked what he did next, Sakshi said, “I took out my phone” and “started recording, capturing what I was watching”

He said, “I overheard George Floyd saying- I can’t breathe. Please release me. I can’t breathe. He cried for his mother … It seemed like he knew – it seems Is like he knew it was over. Him. “

He is then shown a picture of Chauvin and asked to identify him. “This is the officer who was kneeling on George Floyd’s neck,” he said.

pay attention: The judge told the jury that the next four witnesses would be individuals who would not be in the video broadcast of the trial because of their age.


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