Lizzo Started A Rumor That She’s Pregnant With Chris Evans’ Baby And He Loves It

In her latest move, the singer posted a TikTok post pretending to be pregnant with Captain America’s child.

“It’s something that I’m really trying to keep personal and private between myself and the father of my child,” she said. “But since we’re fueling all the rumors today, I’m sucking in. We’ll have a smaller America.”

Obviously, Evans found it funny. On Monday, Lizzo shared some DMs from the movie star.

He added a laughing emoji, writing, “Hi! Just heard of our little bundle of joy.” “My mom would be very happy lol.” (Just promise me no gender reveal lol).

Lizzo then told her followers that she “secured the child support bag!!!!!”

She wrote: “OMG yall-she saw the baby bump! We did it! Now yall gotta name lil merica!!!!! What yall boutta name my baby?!”

It all started in April, when Lizzo sent Evans a direct message and woke up her followers to tell her, “Don’t drink and DM, kids…” she texted him with a TikTok message.

Evans replied, “Shame not a drunken DM [face-throwing-a-kiss emoji],” she replied, “god knows I did worse on this app lol [facepalm emoji]”

Evans even sent her a message for her birthday, which read, “Happy Birthday!! Heard you are celebrating in Vegas, I’m jealous 🙂 Have fun!”


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