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Democrats are on the verge of potentially changing the Senate’s framework with potentially one-time rule changes that would enable them to pass an increase in the debt limit well in advance. October 18 deadline.

It’s a strategy that Democratic leaders have been socializing in the caucus since last week, but the idea received a serious boost on Tuesday night when President Biden said it was “a real possibility” that Democrats would set up a carve. filibuster rule To increase the loan limit by a simple majority.

Opposition to overhauling the legislative filibuster has been steadfast, and has been bigger than just liberal Democratic sans Kirsten Cinema and Joe Manchin.

But Democratic leaders argue that this is just a one-time change to the debt limit. New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Gene Shaheen, who has never been a supporter of getting rid of the legislative filibuster, told CNN Tuesday night that all options for debt limits should be on the table.

“I’m ready to do anything that’s going to tackle the debt limit,” she said when I asked her specifically about the filibuster carvings.

What would this change mean: CNN learned early Tuesday that this option was on the table, that it came up during a private lunch last week and was a topic of conversation on Tuesday. It is essentially a carving of a filebuster for the loan limit. The leadership’s argument here is that they do not require Republicans to raise the debt limit through reconciliation.

So, why do they need 60 votes to do it any other way? Some Democrats Are Arguing That It Won’t Be The Same going nuclear Or blowing up the filibuster on the law, but you can imagine how that would be perceived by Republicans as a slippery slope. However, the ability to use this tool is only possible if every single Democrat agrees to do so. This Monday Munchkin threw cold water. On Tuesday he said he was not going to talk about it and it was up to the leadership to work out an agreement. We’ll see if anything changes.

Arizona’s fellow liberal cinema has also expressed deep concern about changing the legislative filibuster, but let’s keep an eye on both as this is a more narrow change.

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