Los Angeles School District Eliminates One-Third of Its Police Officers

Los Angeles School District Eliminates One-Third of Its Police Officers

SACRAMENTO – After a month’s push to discredit police in California’s largest public school system, trustees of the Los Angeles Unified School District approved a plan Tuesday to cut 133 police positions, pepper students Banned the use of sprays and paid $ 25 million for the programs. Supporting students of color.

The decision, which substantially reinforces school safety in Los Angeles, was a follow-up to a vote last summer during a nationwide protest over the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Calling for racial justice, the school board downed the district’s 400-member police force by 35 percent, leading to the resignation of 20 officers and chiefs, who objected to the scrapping of the officers’ scores.

Tuesday’s vote was the result of the best meetings in the district to reconfigure public safety, which serves about 650,000 students. The resulting scheme eliminates 70 oath officers who have arrest powers; 62 redundant officers; And one support staff member, leaving 211 officers on the force of the district.

Officials at Los Angeles’ secondary schools will be replaced with “climate coaches” from the community advising students, helping to resolve conflicts and remove implicit bias.

The school district in Oakland, California, terminated its police force in June. But members of the Los Angeles school board, who met virtually on Tuesday, have been divided to reduce police presence on campus.

“It’s a big undertaking and requires a lot of coordination,” said Kelly Gonz, a board member, “but I know that we know and all believe that our Black students definitely deserve this effort Huh.”

Another board member, George McKenna, warned that “parents expect safe school from us, and if you think the police are the problem, then I think you have a problem yourself.”

In a statement, the school district’s new police chief, Leslie Ramirez, said the department had already made changes that would limit the presence of uniformed officers on campus. Chief Ramirez said the new plan “lacked potential liabilities, clarity and would result in unintended consequences that would affect the safety of students and staff.”

The $ 25 million in cuts will also help fund a Black Student Achievement Plan, which will include expanded mentoring, teacher development, curriculum change and other programs to support inclusion counseling. Campus police officers will still monitor the schools and be available for emergencies.

A previous districtwide survey found that the majorities of parents, students and school staff felt that the police made their schools safe, but only 50 percent of black parents shared positive views of the school police and Only 35 percent of black students said they felt safe.

On Monday, the district’s Superintendent of Police, Austin Betner, praised the Black Student Achievement Scheme in his weekly address.

“We as a country are systematically failing black children,” Mr. Beutner said. “Schools should be part of the solution, because a great education is the most important part out of poverty.”



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