Louis Felber has never seen ‘Girls’

Yes, I mean, describe “intense”.

It seems that the two of you are very passionate about each other, that you are both very much in love, and it happened very quickly.

I think when you know, you know. I’ve only lived in this lifetime for 35 years, and I think it’s another old thing for people to hide their feelings. I am very much in the flow of getting to know that person. And I think Lena is the same, and I think — I look weird — but when you find your soul mate, you just know.

She is very open about you on Instagram. How does that make you feel?

It moves a lot. I’m still getting used to showing that kind of love by someone else. I’ve never shut him down, or turned anyone off for it. It’s beautiful that she expresses herself and I love being on the other end of it.

How do you like to be together?

It’s great, we’ve been living together for almost four months now. We both work a lot, and every morning is a blessing. And every evening, to be able to go to bed and chat with our best friend – we find it hard to go to sleep at a good time. It’s hardly eight hours.

What kind of dates do you go on now?

Oh My. She attends my gigs. None of us really drink, but we go for long walks on the heath, we see friends, we watch movies, we just watched “BoJack Horseman.” I could sit with him at the bus stop for 10 hours and it would be the best day ever.

How do your parents like Lena?

They love her. My mom is very shy, and she creates all kinds of obstacles. It’s a safety thing, I think, from leaving a country when you’re very young, don’t know the language. I think maybe this is a handicap from childhood. I can relate to this. But with Lena she was just like best friends. She was very open about her feelings and they just loved each other. My father too.

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