Thursday, May 6, 2021

‘Lucy, the human chimp’ review: for home

There is a strange irony in the frightening trajectory of a documentary about “Lucy the Human Chimp” An experiment that forced a chimp to live as a human, But as a result the human has to live as a chimpanzee.

She will be Janice Carter, whose undeniable voice and painful features dominate the screen as she narrates Lucy’s distraught story. As a student in the 1970s, Carter was paired with psychologists Maurice as Lucy’s caretaker. Was hired by Temerlin and his wife, Jane, who bought the newborn chimpanzee about a decade ago and raised him as a human in their suburban home.

But Lucy – who slept on a king-size mattress, communicated in sign language and mixed herself up as a meanie – had become so huge and dangerously hormonal that the Tamerlins decided that she was in the African jungle. I will be better (Never mind that she was an adult who knew nothing about wild or other chimpanzees.) Her screaming during the flight was only a precursor to the coming agony.

Dangerous and poignant, Alex Parkinson’s informally indifferent film reveals how Carter – ardently engaged to Lucy and explicitly told to facilitate his adjustment – Lucy on a remote island Gave up his life to live with. Her devotion is extraordinary, but her oblivion is shocking: if you believe, as she did, that Lucy saw herself as a human, why would you force her to live as a wild animal? Neither that question, nor any other, has been asked by Parkinson, who uses archive footage and surprise-filled reenactments to explain what he clearly sees as a love story. This can happen; But it is also a heart-wrenching tale of animal suffering and human settlement.

Lucy, the human chimp
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes. Watch on HBO Max.

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