Mackenzie Scott reveals another $2.74 billion in giving

In many ways, what Ms Scott is doing is simple: She has said she has too much money, and she is giving it to groups that can help people with little. In other ways his giving has always been transformative.

Modern philanthropy has been a field dominated by oracle men. His successes, especially in technology, meant that he saw himself as a storehouse of knowledge as well as cash. They knew how to improve schools and shelter the poor, how to cure diseases, and needed coaching, guidance, and key-performance indicators to prove to professionals in those fields that they put in enough effort. and perhaps equally important, doing it the right way. .

It is also a sign that the balance of power is tilted towards the super-wealthy that the Ford Foundation has to go to the markets and issue bonds to deliver an additional $1 billion a year, where Ms. Can give That half-yearly of course.

The philanthropic world largely celebrated Ms. Scott’s giving last year, and still does. But the source of the funding, given questions about Amazon’s labor and environmental practices, is plaguing some.

“You want to congratulate Mackenzie Scott for supporting groups that don’t get the money to do what they need, but at the same time, before we know where the money came from?” said Maribel Morey, founding executive director of the Miami Institute for the Social Sciences. “Do we really need all this applause?”

Ms. Scott has become famous in a unique way. She does not pose for Instagram pictures or has a following on TikTok. But with the announcement of her separation from Mr Bezos, the ups and downs in her personal life have been closely followed.

When she announced earlier this year that she had remarried a chemistry teacher at her children’s school, it seemed she was once half of the richest couple on earth. (The fact that her ex-husband Mr. Bezos, plan to destroy the planet One of his rockets has only served to perpetuate those notions.)

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