Sunday, May 9, 2021

Major Biden to receive training after two bite incidents

Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN, “Major’s little dog, Major, will undergo some additional training to help adjust to life in the White House.” “Off-site, there will be private training in the Washington, DC area, and it is expected to last a few weeks.”

Last month, Major had a bite incident with a Secret Service agent, requiring the victim to be seen by a White House medical unit. Shortly afterwards, Major, and Biden’s old German shepherd, champion, Were removed More from the White House Biddens was taken home to Wilmington, Delaware.

White House press secretary Jane Saki at the time said the removal of the dogs from the White House was “planned” because of Jill’s itinerary.

“(Champion and Major) are still getting accustomed and addicted to their surroundings and new people,” Sakaki said. “Major was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the person.”

Less than three weeks later, CNN reported that Major had bitten another White House worker, this time a member of the National Park Service. That incident was confirmed by LaRosa.

“Yes, the Major called someone for a walk. With an abundance of caution, the person was seen by the White House Medical Unit and then returned to work without injury,” Larosa said.

In an interview with ABC News After the first incident with Major, who was adopted by Bidens from a Delaware animal shelter in 2018, the president called him a “sweet dog”.

“Eighty-twenty-five percent of the people love him. All he does – all he does is lick them and wipe their tails,” said Joe Biden. “But” I realize some people, understandably, are afraid of dogs to begin with.


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