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March 11, 2021 Coronovirus News

Speaking on the anniversary of the start of the Kovid-19 epidemic at the White House in Washington, President Joe Biden looked at a card drawn from his pocket that read the number of Americans who have killed Kovid-19 to date. DC on 11 March. Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

President Biden for the first time in the US on the one-year anniversary of the Kovid-19 bandh tonight, suffering grief and loss at the start of his first primetime address to Americans.

“As of now,” said Biden in the East Room of the White House, “the total deaths in America are 527,726, World War One more deaths than World War Two, Vietnam War and 9/11 combined.”

He said, “They are husbands, wives, sons and daughters, grandparents, friends, neighbors, young and old.” “They leave their loved ones truly grieved or unable to heal even to perform the last rites.”

The president said he was thinking of all those who died last year, not just Kovid victims, who also died alone and “are hurting their loved ones badly.” He said that during the epidemic, people had lost jobs, “lost control,” and “perhaps worst, loss of hope.” He talked about the “loss of learning” of children.

“The details of life that matter the most,” he continued, “and we remember those details. Small moments, weddings, birthdays, graduation, big details on all the things that need to be done. First dates. , Family Reunions, Sunday Night Rituals. This is accurately a terrible cost on the psyche of many of us. “

Biden said that Americans were originally “a people who want to be with others, negotiate.” To laugh Hug. “

“The things we used to do always filled us with joy, those things have happened, we cannot break our heart,” he regretted.

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