Maria Mendiola, half of the chart-topping disco duo, 69. dies on

The singers continued their feud and stopped talking to each other, and Rolf Soja, the composer of most of their songs, decided to quit working with them. In 1981, Baccara released his last album with RCA, “Bad Boys”; Coming at a time when the popularity of disco music was starting to wane, it was not a huge success. RCA did not renew Bakara’s recording contract, and the two singers formalized their split.

María Eugenia Martínez Mendiola was born on 4 April 1952 in Madrid. His mother, Lola Mendiola, was a homemaker; Her father, Emilio Martínez, was a police officer at Madrid airport.

Ms Mendiola attended an Italian school in Madrid and trained to be a ballet dancer at the national school there before joining the Spanish state broadcaster’s dance troupe.

Even though both singers were Spanish, Baccara represented Luxembourg at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest, playing “Parlez-vous français?” There was a song about a holiday romance called. (Ms. Mendiola spoke five languages, including French.) The Luxembourgish entry placed seventh in the competition.

After Bakara broke up, the two singers pursued separate careers. In 1981, Ms. Mendiola formed another duo called New Baccara, with another former ballet dancer, Marisa Perez. While they did not come close to matching the fame of the original Baccarat, one of their songs, “Call Me Up”, was a 1987 hit in Spain and also performed well in Germany.

Ms Perez ended her career in 2008 due to an illness, and a niece, Laura Mendiola, replaced her as Ms Mendiola’s partner. In 2010, Ms Mendiola formed a final partnership of Baccara featuring Maria Mendiola – with another singer, Christina Sevilla, who had previously collaborated with Ms Mateos for six years. His most recent single, “Gimme Your Love,” was released in 2018.

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