Maricopa County observer on dismissing calls from Trump aides: ‘Whatever needs to be said, must be said in court’

The calls by individuals in Trump’s White House to Clint Hickman, then-chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, appeared to be part of a pressure campaign led by Trump’s then-personal counsel Rudy Giuliani and Arizona GOP Chair Kelly Ward to convince members . The elected body that oversees elections in the county has to announce that there have been irregularities in voting in their county, as litigation related to the election continues in the state, according to records published last week. Arizona Republic.

“I got a call from the White House switchboard, and I have to say this: All these people called me, it wasn’t stonewalling. We were on trial on all these points. … Whatever should have been said, one must be said in a courtroom before a judge or jury,” Hickman told CNN’s Michael Smirkonish on “Cuomo prime time,” referring to the multiple election-related lawsuits pending at the time of the White House call. .

The former official also told Smirkonish that he cautioned Trump’s campaign against calling him because of pending litigation: “I said, ‘Just do me a favor. I can’t talk to anyone while this one. But the trial is going on. ”

Hickman told The Republic that he had allowed the call to go to voicemail, where the White House switchboard operator told him to call the president back. He did not return calls, he told The Republic.

Along with Trump, Giuliani — who met with GOP state lawmakers in Arizona in November — tried to contact observers in Maricopa County, according to The Republic, and Republican Bill Gates, who told CNN’s Kyung La for Christmas. On the eve of the call confirmed. June.

Hickman, Gates and other Republican members of the board eventually testified the results of the election and consistently maintained that the election was fair. Despite members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors standing by the integrity of the county’s election results, which found President Joe Biden leading the county by more than 2 percentage points, GOP state senators in Arizona voted in Maricopa in 2020. Demanded election audit of ballot papers. County in April


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