Marvel showed off its deep bench of characters in ‘Falcon’ and ‘Vandavision’

When “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Thor” hit theaters a decade ago, the plot of Marvel’s plans for the cinematic universe – “Avengers” – took shape. Yet for those based on comics, Marvel’s latest phase of expansion is defined by the depth of its bench, and the notable benefits drawn from less-familiar characters.

Marquee Hero launches Marvel on streaming service Disney + Wanda and the Vision, And Falcon and Winter Soldier. However, those two projects have been cleverly enriched by the inclusion of peripheral players, garnering enthusiastic responses from fans.

Wakandan bodyguard Dora Milage? QuickSilver? SHIELD agent Sharon Carter, astrophysicist Darcy Lewis and FBI agent Jimmy Wu? Those personalities and others have participated in Disney + shows reflecting the breadth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel has combined talent in producing their interlocking titles.

If Marvel made this look organic, even easier, it was not always. In fact, while Spider-Man and the X-Men (produced, coincidentally, through other studios after Marvel Comics’ rights ceased) could imagine big-screen possibilities, further producers could grab K arrived in the bag, and more difficult business prospects always appeared to be forming.

From that point of view, the most important film in the making of the current Miracle Miracle may be “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which combined a big hit from the Spacefaring team of Misfits in 2014. If Marvel fans were ready to buy a talking raccoon. And the tree, the sky – or rather, the universe – was indeed the limit.

Marvel followed that up with “Ant-Man” the following year, turning the once-in-a-lifetime “Saturday Night Live” punchline into an unexpected success; And then a film with “Captain America: Civil War” could have lashed out at any number of heroes, including a fight involving a dozen characters and, among other things, introduced Black Panther before its solo film in 2018 .

For those weeded out by signature comics Stan lee Jack Kirby with the cast and Steve Ditko In the 1960s, the depth and breadth of Marvel’s current appeal is beyond what they could reasonably expect, especially after a few Clooney conversions of its early days. This is especially true as the Marvel / Disney tandem has yet to make its mark on the title that debuted it, Fantastic Four, Following heavy efforts under the cinematic leadership of Fox.

Marvel embodied their first Disney + show with the same sense of interconnectedness that powered their roster movies, presenting everyone in a stunning style with “Avengers: Endgame”. The film also marked the exit of two signature characters, Iron Man and Captain America, with some very large shoes to fill, with the latter legacy providing the essence of the latest series.

While streaming is in a different place from movie-theater, “Vandavision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” have already demonstrated the benefits of using Disney + as a laboratory and developing those characters Who may not be ready for $ 200 million. Blockbuster.

With planned Next stage of films Delay during the epidemic, the immediate road map as to the roles of those films is very clear. Lineup includes “Kali Mai,” An eagerly anticipated sequel and another big wager in “The Eternals”.

Still, the way Marvel has deployed its troops in these first shows for Disney + has opened up the company’s muscles in an unexpected way, opening doors, appropriately, to a whole new world of possibilities. Huh.


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