McCarthy jokes, ‘If he becomes Speaker of the House, it will be difficult to beat Pelosi with Gavel’

McCarthy said, “I want you to see Nancy Pelosi handing that gavel to me. It would be hard not to hit her with it,” McCarthy said. in audio posted on twitter by One Main Street Nashville Reporter.

The Republican leader made the remarks after a sizable gavel was handed over by members of the Tennessee congressional delegation while attending a fundraising event in the state. His remarks are the latest sign of his deteriorating relationship with the Democratic leader, who was not present at the event.

Pelosi’s spokesman and deputy chief of staff swiftly condemned the comments.

Drew Hamill said, “The threat of violence to anyone who is the target of the #6 assassination attempt by your fellow Trump supporters is irresponsible and abhorrent.” Saturday’s Tweet In response to reports.

A spokesperson for McCarthy did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

The comments also drew backlash from several congressional Democrats.

“Violence against women is no laughing matter,” New York Representative Hakim Jeffries wrote on twitterCalled for an apology from the Minority Leader of the House.

California Representative Eric Swalwell went a step further and called for McCarthy’s resignation.

“America has suffered a lot of violence around politics. @GOPLeader McCarthy is now a potential attacker of @SpeakerPelosi,” he said wrote on twitter.
Pelosi and McCarthy recently war of words Amid the results of a House Select Committee investigation into the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.
Pelosi Two out of five House Republicans rejected McCarthy tapped for the panel, causing him to completely pull all his pics off the panel. during a phone call Informing him of the decision was voiced, a source with knowledge of the matter previously told CNN, and McCarthy protested, hinting that the decision could back Pelosi.

“What you’re doing is phenomenal,” McCarthy told Pelosi, according to a second source familiar with the call.

Since then, Pelosi has McCarthy is called In response to his criticism of the reinstated mask mandate in the House, McCarthy continues to slam Pelosi as a “fool” and McCarthy.

McCarthy questioned the science behind the speaker’s decision on the mask when asked about his remarks. “Well, if that’s so bright, I’d like to know where the science changes in the Capitol between the House and the Senate,” he said, referring to the different rules regarding masks between the two chambers.

CNN Melanie Zanona and Manu Raju contributed to this report.


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