Thursday, May 6, 2021

‘McGiver’ fan campaign to save the show

A petition has been launched by CBS in an effort to get the series renewed (which is basically a reboot or spinoff of the 1980s, which you get).

“McGiver is a beloved show running on CBS for 5 years. It has strong ratings and great storylines for season 5,” The petition reads on “For some reason CBS has decided to cancel it, yet they won it for several consecutive weeks on Friday night.”

Lucas Till starred as Angus “Mac” McGiver, a short version of the character played by Richard Dean Anderson in the original 1985 series. In the new series, McGiver is a secret government agent who has some immoral methods for beating the bad guys.

There is also an active #SMMacGyver movement on Twitter.

The series, which premiered in 2016, is set to air its final episode on 30 April.


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