Mercedes said its new electric sedan surpasses Tesla: live update

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Mercedes-Benz on Thursday unveiled an electric counterpart for its top S-Class sedan, the latest in a series of moves. German vehicle manufacturer To defend their dominance of the high end of the car market against Tesla.

The EQS, which will be available in the United States in August, is the first of four electric vehicles that Mercedes will introduce this year, including two SUVs that will be built at the company’s factory in Alabama and a lower-priced sedan. Mercedes has not announced a price for the EQS, but it is unlikely to be lower than the S-Class, which starts at $ 94,000 in the United States.

The cars could be decisive for Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, as it tries to adapt to the new technology.

“It’s important to us,” Daimler CEO Ola Callenius said of EQS during an interview. “In a way it is like a new era day.”

According to Mercedes the EQS has a range of 770 kilometers or about 480 miles. If that figure is confirmed by independent testing, the EQS Tesla Model S Long Range Plus will be separated as a production electric car that can travel farthest between charges. Tesla is currently ranked No. 1 with a range of 400 miles, according to the rankings Kelly Blue Book.

EQS believes that it has the potential for advances in battery technology and an exceptional aerodynamic design. Some analysts question whether Mercedes can sell enough electric vehicles to justify the cost of development, but Mr. Kellenius said, “We will make money with EQS by the word ‘go’.”

The EQS is the latest attempt by German car manufacturers to show that they can apply their expertise in engineering and production efficiency to battery-powered cars. The vehicle is Germany’s largest export, so the success or failure of the carmaker will have a significant impact on the country’s prosperity.

On Wednesday, Audi, the luxury unit of VolkswagenUnveiled Q4 e-tron, an electric SUV. Q4 Volkswagen shares several components with ID.4, An electric SUV that the company began delivering to customers in the United States in March. Although priced to compete with internal combustion models, neither does Tesla offer more range of cars than vehicles.

In the S-Class tradition, EQS offers over-the-top luxury features such as software that can identify when a driver is feeling tired and offer to turn on the massage function embedded in the seat.

“You’re going to get S-class level refinement in a very, very high performance electric car,” Mr. Kellenius said. “This is your argument.”

Car buyer in Wuhan in January.  China is trying to get its consumers back to their pre-spending spending levels.
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China reported on Friday that its economy grew by a significant 18.3 percent in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year. But spike is the same Reflection How bad cases were a year ago – when China’s production plummeted by 6.8 percent – as an indication of how China is doing now.

The global demand for computer screens and video consoles made by China is growing so much that people work from home and watch as an epidemic recovery. This demand continued until Americans spent money on patio furniture, electronics and other items with incentive checks. Sugar factory.

China’s recovery has also been driven by large infrastructure. Crane Dot City Skyline. Construction projects for highways and railroads have provided short-term employment. Property sales have also helped strengthen economic activity.

Exports and property investment can only propel China’s growth. Now China is trying to bring back its consumers in their prependemic ways.

Unlike many in the developed world, China does not subsidize its consumers. Instead of handing out checks to boom the economy last year, China ordered state-owned banks to lend to businesses and offer tax rebates.

Travel restrictions on the Lunar New Year holiday reduced consumer hunger and slowed the pace of Chinese shopkeepers. But retail data on Friday showed that March sales were better than expected, in the hope that consumers might begin to feel confident.

In 2015 James O'Keeffe, founder of the conservative group Project Veritas.
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Twitter said on Thursday that it had blocked the account of James O’Keeffe, founder of the conservative group Project Veritas.

Mr. O’Keefe’s account, @JamesOKeefeIII, was “permanently suspended for violating Twitter rules Forum manipulation and spamA Twitter spokesperson said, “Especially that users cannot mislead others with fake accounts or” artificially inflate or disrupt conversations “.

In a statement on his website, Mr O’Keefe said he would file a defamation lawsuit against Twitter on Monday, claiming that he had operated fake accounts.

“It is wrong, it is defamation and they will pay,” the statement said.

Mr. O’Keefe said, “Section 230 may have protected them earlier, but it will not protect me from them.” A legal liability shield for social media. This shield, part of the federal Communications Decency Act, has become a preferred target of MPs on both sides.

In February, Twitter was suspended permanently Project Veritas Account, Had posted this private information. It also temporarily closed Mr. O’Keefe’s account.

The participants of the disastrous Fair Festival in the Bahamas won $ 2 million in a class-action settlement, subject to final approval.
Credit …Jake Strang, via Associated Press
  • A court has honored the attendees of the infamous Phere Festival Approximately $ 7,220 apiece, about four years later they were investigating temporary shelter on a dark beach. The $ 2 million class-action settlement, reached by the 2017 event Tuesday at US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York among organizers and 277 ticket holders, is still subject to final approval, and the amount ultimately decreases based on results Fair’s bankruptcy case with other creditors.

  • Cbs is Turning to a pair of outsiders to restore the news operation’s fortunes It surpasses its rivals in ABC and NBC. CBS said Thursday that Neeraj Khemlani, vice president of publishing powerhouse Hartst and former ABC executive Wendy McMahon, will succeed Ms. Zirinsky. The two will serve as president and co-head of CBS News, a division that will be expanded to include network-owned local stations.

Credit …Alexander Ingram for the New York Times

For you to watch, YouTube acts similar to videos you’ve watched before. But the longer one watches, the more extreme videos can become.

Caolan Robertson learned how to make clever edits and focus on confrontation can attract millions of views on YouTube and other services. He also learned how YouTube’s recommendation algorithm often leads people to extreme videos.

For more than two years, he helped create and publish videos for right-wing YouTube celebrities, including Lauren Southern, Cad Metz reports for The New York Times.

Knowing that YouTube attracted the most attention, Mr. Robertson said, he and Ms. Southern would appear to publicly generate conflict. She participated in a women’s march in London and approached each woman with the same four-word question, playing the role of a television reporter with Ms. Southern: “Women’s Rights or Islam?”

According to Mr. Robertson, he often received a confused, measured or polite response. He continued to ask questions and intensified it. For example, Ms. Southern said that it would be difficult for Muslim women to answer this question because their husbands would not let them join the march. Which caused anger in the crowd.

“It appears in the video that we’re only trying to figure out what’s going on, gather information, understand people,” Mr. Robertson said. “But really, we were trying to find the most impenetrable way of making them crazy.”

Ms. Southern described the situation differently. “We asked the question because we knew it was going to force people to question their own political views and realize the contradiction in being a hard-core feminist, but also supporting a religion that Quite frankly behaves suspiciously around women, ”she said. . And, she added, they used video technologies that any media company would use.

A clothing store in Lower Manhattan.  Retail sales in the United States exceeded expectations last month.
Credit …Gabby Jones for the New York Times

Global stocks rallied on Friday following strong economic reports and the company’s earnings.

The S&P 500 was scheduled for its fourth straight week after reaching record highs on Thursday. Stocks Europe 600 climbed 0.6 percent to a record on Friday. In Britain, the FTSE 100 climbed above the 7,000 mark for the first time since February 2020. Stock indices in Japan, Hong Kong and China all closed higher.

On Thursday, data showed the US Retail Sales In March, previous expectations have risen by about 10 percent, and initial state jobless claims fell to their lowest level of the epidemic last week. China reported its economy growing on Friday 18.3 percent in the first three months of the year, compared to the same period in the previous year, when the country’s swaths were shut down due to a coronovirus epidemic.

This week, Banks including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase Reported better-than-expected earnings, and their chief executives boosted economic forecasts.

The yield on 10-year Treasury notes fell to 1.57 percent on Friday. Last month, concerns that government spending would heat up the economy and push forward the shooting of bonds sent to high inflation by 1.74 percent on 31 March. Central bank officials have repeatedly said that they expect the increase in inflation to be temporary. Earlier this week, data showed Prices rise in the united states 2.6 percent in March, a year-over-year increase, as prices of some commodities dropped in March 2020 as the epidemic gained momentum.

Another reason is that ING, a Dutch bank, said “notable” demand for bonds was due to lower yields. According to Bloomberg, the recent Treasury bond auction received higher-than-normal bids, and JPMorgan Chase sold $ 13 billion in bonds, the largest sale ever by a bank.

ING analysts wrote in a note to clients, “Cash has to go somewhere, and it cannot go to all equities.”

  • Cryptocurrency market shares Coinbase Prepaid trading dropped just over 1 percent as other cryptocurrency-related stocks also fell. Riot blockchain shares fell 6 percent and Bit Digital’s shares fell 10 percent. On Friday, the price of bitcoin came down to $ 61,000. It reached a record level above $ 64,000 on Wednesday.

  • Russian ruble rose 0.7 percent against US dollar as traders digested new Financial sanctions against russia And determined that some of them, such as a ban on buying Russian government bonds directly, would have only limited economic impact.

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