Saturday, April 17, 2021

Met Opera’s music director has reduced the musician’s unpaid furloughs

Urging the Metropolitan Opera that its performers be given “reasonable” compensation, the company’s music director, Yannick Nezet-Segin, sent a letter to the leaders on the Met on Thursday, saying that its orchestral and chorus for several months remained unpaid during the epidemic. K was gone. “Increasingly unacceptable.”

He sent the letter as the Met’s musicians were scheduled to receive their first partial pay as they drifted off in April. Before this week, He was the last major figure of the country. Without a deal for at least some payment during the epidemic. Pointing to the players’ almost year-long rude – and further – tough negotiations in which the Mets are demanding long-term pay cuts from their unionized employees – Nezet-Segin was doing something rare for a music director: on labor matters weight .

“Of course, I understand that this is a complicated situation,” Nezet-Segin wrote, “but as the public face of the Met on a musical level, I find it hard to justify what has happened. “

The letter was received by The New York Times and confirmed by its recipients, including Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager; Leader of dialogue committees representing the chorus and orchestra; And a member of the board of directors of the opera.

“We risk losing talent permanently,” Nezet-Segin warned in the letter. “The orchestra and chorus are our crown jewels, and must be preserved. Their talent is meeting. Cast artist are doing Organization. “

The orchestra committee has stated that 10 out of 97 members have retired during the epidemic because the ensemble has gone unpaid, an increase from two to three who retire in the average year.

“Enget-Segin wrote,” Protecting the long-term future of the season is inherently associated with maintaining these musicians, and respecting their livelihoods, their income and their well-being.

The Met said in a statement that “we share Yannick’s frustration about the long-term closure and impact it has had on our employees,” adding that the company was happy that its orchestra and chorus and others were now Were receiving the payment of the bridge. The Met said that all involved are “working together for new agreements that will ensure the stability of the Met in the future.”

The Met, the nation’s largest performing arts organization, has said that since the epidemic forced it to close its doors It has lost an estimated $ 150 million in revenue earned., And that he was demanding salary cuts from his workers, as do many art institutes. meeting Trying to cut payroll costs For its highest-paid unions 30 percent – a change in take-home pay would be more like 20 percent, it has said – and offered to cut ticket revenue and refund half the donations.

Weathers offered their workers a partial paycheck if they agreed to those cuts, but the unions protested. At the end of the year, the Met offered a partial paycheck on a temporary basis only to return to the temporary table. Members of the American Guild of Musical Artists, which represent chorus members, dancers and others, accepted in late January and have been receiving salaries for more than a month. Orchestral Musicians Voted to accept the proposal This week. (The Met has discontinued its stagehands, whose contract expired last year.)

Nézet-Séguin wrote in his letter that he was relieved that both musicians and chorus members were now being paid, but added that “this is just a start.” The deal allows for a temporary payment of $ 1,543 a week, less than half what is usually paid by musicians.

Nezet-Segin was Name of music director of Met in 2016, When he was tapped to succeed James Levine, who led the company for four decades (Mr Levine, who stepped into an emerging position due to health problems and then two years later after an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse Removed,) Died earlier this month.)

“Nézet-Séguin wrote,” I help this incredible house fiday find a solution to properly compensate our artists. “We all realize the challenges, financially and otherwise, that the Mate is facing, and that’s why I call for sympathy, honesty, and open communication during this process.”

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