Mexican Law Halts U.S. From Turning Back Some Migrant Families

Mexican Law Halts U.S. From Turning Back Some Migrant Families

WASHINGTON – A Mexican law forced the US to swiftly remove migrant families in one of the busiest sections of the southwestern border to force agents to release families in the country, according to three Biden administration officials Has stopped.

Trump administration Began to return migrants Entering the United States in March, citing the threat of coronovirus, and emergency rule effectively sealed the border with asylum seekers. Officials said that because of a law that passed Mexico in November, which held immigrant children and families captive, the country has stopped accepting families from South Texas who are usually susceptible to illegal crossings.

The recent innings has alerted officials of the Department of Homeland Security and Biden presents an immediate challenge to the administration. Homeland security officials have said that emergency regulations were necessary to prevent coronoviruses from spreading to detention facilities along the border, even as it prevented vulnerable families from hearing their asylum claims. Officials said similar facilities have been organized in the Rio Grande Valley in recent weeks in Del Rio, Texas, along with a growing number of families.

Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman Stephanie Malin said that due to epidemiological precautions and social visionary guidelines, some facilities had reached full “safe holding capacity”.

“The CBP takes the safety and wellbeing of its workforce seriously and faces them and we are taking even more precautions due to Kovid-19,” said Ms. Malin. “As they always have, the number of individuals crossing the border continues to fluctuate, and we continue to adapt accordingly.” He said that the agency was working with community organizations when releasing migrants publicly.

The United States has expelled more than 390,000 migrants to Mexico or their home countries since March. The regime reduced the number of detained migrants along the US border, but also Send many times to Central American families When they learn that their children have been taken to Mexico in violation of international agreements. And while the policy was an important part of the Trump administration’s efforts to close the border to migrants, the rule was also Unexpected effect To give migrants more chances to enter illegally.

Customs and border security recorded more than 73,000 crossings in December, an increase of over 40,000 in July. The agents detained more than 40,000 migrants in December 2019.

Officials said Mexican law, which went into effect in January, does not apply to the entire border. Officials said US border agents are still returning single adults, and in places like Arizona, to families as well. It is unclear how the law will affect other parts of the border.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Mexico declined to comment on whether it had stopped accepting migrant families, saying only that the epidemic emergency regime continued in the United States.

But the Biden administration has been unable to return migrant families to Renosa, Mexico, which was a change First reported by The Washington Post. Has shift Matter of concern Rio Grande Valley for the possible increase of crossings by families for customs and border security. In recent years there has been an outbreak of harassment, violence and poverty by most Central American families across the border.

The Department of Homeland Security is currently building a tent facility in Donna, Texas for home migrants, but an administration official said that was not related to the law in Mexico. Customs and Border Protection said it would shut down the main detention facility in November McAllen for renovation.

President Biden campaigned and signed to restore asylum on the southwestern border Executive order this week President Donald J. Instructing the administration to review Trump’s restrictive policies.

The new administration has not publicly detailed when the epidemic emergency rule will be removed. After A federal judge in the District of Columbia Removed a clause on the rule that prohibited the United States from taking away immigrant children, the White House said it would use its discretion in the decision to implement the policy.

Mr biden Said in December that his administration One would adopt a cautious approach to reverse Trump-era policies to avoid a surge on the border.

Their immigration plan included relying more on programs that track migrants after their release in the United States to ensure that they show up for immigration court and detain them.

Mexico, for its part, praised the ban, which it detained.

“Mexico is making a decisive step to end immigration detention for children and we are encouraged to make this promising development,” said Gillian Triggs, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees to the United Nations.

While top officials of the Trump administration argued that its emergency rule was merely an attempt to stop the spread of coronovirus, Mr. Trump’s White House tried Use the policy to advance your goals Control of illegal immigration.

Kirk Semple contributed reporting from Mexico City.



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