Minnesota Republican congressman announces recurrence of kidney cancer

“Over the weekend, recent tests done at the Mayo Clinic revealed a recurrence of my kidney cancer. The new diagnosis was surprising, given that no cancer had been found just 14 weeks earlier,” says Hagdorn. said in a statement.

Hegdorn said his diagnosis hasn’t stopped him from doing his job and he has no intention of slowing down.

“Ever since I was initially diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer 29 months ago, my doctors have recognized my response to treatment and recovery as exceptional. Since that time, I have maintained a full, active program in Congress, with re-election campaigned aggressively for, and lived and enjoyed life to the fullest,” he said.

“Be certain, I will continue to fight for America and serve the people of Minnesota’s First Congressional District with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.”

Despite the news of his cancer recurrence, Hegdorn said he and his doctors are “very excited by a new FDA-approved treatment that is available to attack this type of cancer.”

Hegdorn shared that his recent diagnosis shows the importance of early detection and treatment.

“I encourage anyone who has missed an annual medical exam and cancer screening, please make an appointment today. It could save your life.”


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