Moderna’s Simple Fix to Vaccine Supply: More Doses in Each Vial

Moderna’s Simple Fix to Vaccine Supply: More Doses in Each Vial

Moderns are asking United States regulators to approve what it says could be a remarkably simple proposal to speed up the vaccination of Americans against coronoviruses: fill in empty spaces in its vials that contain more than 50 percent There are supplements.

The Food and Drug Administration may decide in a few weeks whether the Massachusetts-based biotech firm Morden should give permission to the developer One of the two federally authorized Kovid vaccines, To increase the number of doses in its vials from 15 to 10.. Modernism is accelerating the production of its vaccines, but the process of filling, capping, and labeling millions of small vials has emerged as a road. If the company says late on Monday, the company can produce more, as regulators allow to make fuller vials.

While it is unclear how quickly modernity can adjust its production, any increase in the campaign to curb any epidemic can be welcomed. More than 443,000 people died in the United States Alone.

Dr., who was the Assistant Health Secretary for preparedness and response under President Barack Obama. “It matters a lot,” said Nicole Lurie. If Modern could use the same size as the vial and the same production lines already running, he said, “It’s a relatively easy and straightforward fix.”

According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Modernism has distributed about 46 percent of the vaccine in the United States so far. Came from the rest Pfizer-bioentechOnly other vaccine developers who have received emergency authorization.

Both vaccines require two doses, and both companies have promised 200 million doses by July. This would be enough to cover about three-quarters of the country’s adults. If Modern can deliver fast doses, then that timetable can be accelerated.

The Biden administration is exploring any way to increase production, like addressing bottlenecks in the “fill and finish” phase of production. Although that nut-and-bolt stage receives less attention than the vaccine-making process, it has been recognized for years as a constraint on production.

Modern has discussed a possible change with the Food and Drug Administration, but has not yet presented manufacturing data to support it, people familiar with the discussions said. Federal regulators may be receptive to the idea of ​​higher doses in each vial, but they may be bald at a 50 percent increase and instead approve a more modest number of additional doses.

The industry standard has long been 10 doses per vial, and federal regulators may be concerned that the time required to remove too much extra puncture and higher doses by the vial’s rubber cover needles increases the risk of contaminating the vaccine for bacteria Can.

At some point, too much liquid can cause a vial to break. Modernism has tested what happens when it adds additional doses and determines the limit is 15, according to people familiar with the company’s operations who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Modern was proposed for a five-dose increase First reported by CNBC.

Packing more vaccines into each vial is one of several options the White House and health officials are looking for as they push to expand production before spring, when officials transition from emerging variants of coronovirus to renewed Are expecting Some ideas, such as portions of dosages remaining in vials, have been proposed and rejected.

Pfizer is unable to increase the amount of vaccine in its vials because it is produced toward a vial of a particular size that can hold only six doses. The vial of modernity is enough to hold more than the 10 doses that are currently allowed, so it can add more without creating a new production line.

When asked about Modern’s proposal, a White House spokesman said on Monday that “all options are on the table.”

Prashant Yadav, who studies health care supply chains at the Center for Global Development in Washington, said modern “vaccines” could be relatively high if a green light is obtained to add doses to each vial.

Kovid 19 Vaccines>

Answers to your vaccine questions

Currently more than 150 million people – about half the population – are eligible for vaccination. but Each state makes the final decision about who goes first. The country’s 21 million health care workers and three million residents of long-term care facilities were previously eligible. In mid-January, federal officials urged all states To open eligibility All adults 65 and older with medical conditions at high risk of becoming seriously ill or dying of Kovid-19. Adults in the general population are behind the line. If federal and state health officials can overcome bottlenecks in vaccine delivery, all 16 and older will become eligible by this spring or early summer. The vaccine has not been approved in children, although studies are ongoing. It may be months before the vaccine becomes available to anyone under 16 months of age. Go to your state health website For up-to-date information about vaccination policies in your area

You should not give anything out of pocket to get vaccinated, Although you will be asked for insurance information. Even if you do not have insurance, you should be given the vaccine at no charge. Congress passed legislation this spring to prohibit insurers from sharing any costs, such as co-pays or deductibles. It provides additional protection from billing patients to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals, including those. Still, health experts worry that patients may be weak Leave the bills surprising them. This can happen to people who are charged with a doctor visit with a vaccine, or Americans who have certain types of health coverage that are not covered under the new rules. If you receive your vaccine from a doctor’s office or urgent care clinic, talk to them about a possible hidden fee. To make sure you don’t get a surprise bill, the best bet is to get your vaccine delivered to the health department’s vaccination site or local pharmacy after shots become more widely available.

It is to be determined. It is possible that the Kovid-19 vaccination will become an annual phenomenon like the flu pill. Or it may be that the benefits of the vaccine stay for more than a year. We will have to wait to see how durable the protection from vaccines is. To determine this, researchers are going to monitor vaccinated people to look for “cases of success” – people who become ill with Kovid-19 despite vaccination. This is a sign of weakening safety and will give researchers clues about how long the vaccine lasts. They will monitor the levels of antibodies and T cells in the blood of vaccinated people to determine if and when a booster shot may be required. It is predictable that people may need boosters every few months, once a year or only a few years. It is just a matter of waiting for the data.

But he said that this would not be an immediate change. “I don’t think Modern has any surplus,” he said.

Known as CEPI, an advisor to the Alliance for Epidemic Preparation, Dr. Lurie, said that during the federal government’s response to the H1N1 swine flu, the issue of replenishment and elimination caused a “huge larnec” with a limited supply of vaccines.

He said there was an initial discussion at CEPI in the coronovirus epidemic about what the size of the vial would be suitable for mass vaccination: five, 10 or 20. Last year, global glass vial shortages loomed over negotiations between the federal government and vaccine manufacturers Was, and adding. Stress on drug companies developing coronovirus vaccines.

Mr. Yadav said that the finish-and-fill process was automated to prevent pollution and ensure accurate dosing for micrograms. At top speed, up to 1,000 vials of the vaccine can be filled every minute, he said.

A 15-dose vial closed a trade, he said. This can lead to more wastage if the health care professional runs out of vaccinating people and the remaining doses have to be skipped. But during a raging epidemic, experts said, it could be a risk that federal health officials would be prepared to take.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who helped lead the Trump administration’s vaccine development program and is an adviser to the Biden administration through next week, said other major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck or GlaxoSmithKline are handling some of the burden of maintenance May be enabled. Finish phase.

“This is a more common type of manufacturing activity,” he said.

French drugmaker Sanofi announced last week that earlier this summer, it would help produce more than 100 million doses Pfizer-Bioentec Vaccine To meet the demand in Europe. Company officials said that Sanofi will fill and pack vials at a Sanofi plant in Frankfurt, near Bioentech’s German headquarters. Biointech, Pfizer’s German partner, designed the vaccine.



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