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More reaction to Daniel Kaluya and his Oscar Nome

Not only did the women take a record-breaking 76 nominations, but two women were also nominated in the Best Director category for the first time.

Below are the reactions of some candidates.

Daniel Kaluuya, Best Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’.

“Chairman Fred Hampton was a light, a creature who would illuminate everyone touched with his incredible message. With the ability to command any stage and rob his opportunity to captivate a global audience. He strategized Endorsed and supported. Black community but also integrated other communities with their laughter, their minds, their passions and their love. Today, I am humble enough to be nominated to portray a man whose principles I deeply respect and guide him to follow in his footsteps. The family of Chairman Fred Hampton, and the unwavering support of Ryan Coogler, Shaka King and Charles King, and led by Laketh Stanfield and Dominic Fishback, I was at one time The chairman became a pot for Fred’s spirit when we needed his rally for equality and justice more than ever. I applaud my fellow candidates for their impressive work. At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Beautifully seen and celebrated by my colleagues He is humble and I am very grateful. Thank you.”

Gary Oldman, Best Actor for ‘Munk’.

“After such a strained pandemic year, there is a kind of comfort and assurance in knowing that we are soldiers in many ways with important traditions. There is nothing more traditional in our industry than the Academy Awards, which is expected. Indicates that. We will get out of this. Oscar is a sign that is still in a normal state. In my case today my third award is the award nomination. Not to be trivializing the current state of the world, it is a source of great pride and respect. Is recognized with these other tremendous, amazing artists. “

Viola Davis, Best Actress for ‘Ma Rainey Black Black’.

“Absolutely thrilled !! Congratulations to the Black Bottom team of Puri Maa Rainey. Congratulations.”

Maria Bacalova, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, ‘Borat Sub-Muntivilm.’

Thanks to the academy for this honor! Congratulations to Sacha Baron Cohen and my Borat family and for their favorable screen play nominations. “

Best Supporting Actress for ‘Minari’, Young-jung Yun.

“Never in my dreams did I think a Korean actress would be nominated for an Oscar, and I can’t believe I’m liking it! I’m humbled by the honor. Thank you very much, A24, Plan B, my minaret family. And our entire cast and crew. We made this film with love, and I thank you for loving us back. And thank you, Isaac. It’s all because of you! “

Emerald Fennell, Best Director for ‘Promising Young Woman’.

“I have been able to speak in coherent sentences after this incredible news. I am extremely grateful to every single wonderful person who has worked on Promising Young Woman, the world’s greatest, most hardworking and talented cast and crew.” For. To be honored by the academy means a lot, and I’m especially thrilled for Kerry, whose extraordinary talent made this film and what it is, and for Fred whose dedication to his personal nomination made the impossibly possible Made, to be a part of this historic year. The Academy, with so many exceptionally gifted filmmakers, means more than I can possibly describe, and I am special when nominated with the amazing Chloe Zhao Proudly. There have been so many extraordinary female filmmakers that have made this year so beautiful, inspiring, challenging., Diverse work, that I am truly honored and grateful to be among their number. Academy, Focus Features, FilmNation, LuckyPap, Thanks to my whole patient and Wanda. The bubbly team. I finally stopped crying. I will, but not yet. “

Riz Ahmed, Best Actor in a Leading Role, ‘Sound of Metal.’

“Wow! I am honored to be nominated by my fellow artists with such inspiring performances, and grateful to the Academy for their support and encouragement. We are equally proud of our visionary writer-director Darius Murder and the brilliant Paul Racey.” Thrilled to be. ” As well as our editor Mikkel, sound designer Nicholas, and co-writer Abe Murder. These nominations represent so much time, generosity and talents – all our incredible cast, crew, producers and in particular I want to thank. My gurus in drumming, addiction addiction and de / deaf communities.

The sound of metal is about how a health crisis can drive you away from your life and loved ones, and force you to grow in unexpected ways. In a challenging year for so many years, I hope this story can inspire us to build new and deeper relationships with ourselves and others. “

Carrie Mulligan, Best Actress for ‘Promising Young Woman’.

“I am completely finished this morning, and I am honored to be in such a respected company in all categories. Thank you to the Academy for embracing this story. For me it means a lot. It All is thanks to my dear friend – fearless. Hilarious, bold writer and director Emerald Fennell and the incredible cast and crew he gathered. We all signed on because we believed wholeheartedly in his vision. , And I am very grateful to them for inviting me to be a part of it. “

Glenn Close, Best Supporting Actress for ‘Hillbilly Algy’.

“Congratulations to all my fellow nominees. I am thrilled and deeply grateful for Netflix’s fantastic performances by its cast members. I owe a lot to Ron Howard, Amy Adams, Owen Asstalos and my Genius Hair and Makeup team. It’s not Will happen.” Happened without them. I dedicate this honor to all the grandparents in the world who fight to give a better life to their children. “


“Working with David Fincher on Munk has been the highlight of my career, and is being recognized by the Academy for an experience that brings me so much joy and fulfillment. I thank David for believing in this I won’t be able to. For the role and the honor of reintroducing Marion Davis to the world that I have come to know. It has been a true privilege to help study this magnificent, humble woman and restore her legacy. David, Congratulations Gary, and to the whole. Today Mank’s cast and crew – your talent has gone unnoticed and I’m humbled to share this recognition with you. “

Aaron Sorkin, ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7.’ Best Picture for.

“The Trial of the Chicago 7 took fourteen years to make and I am thankful to all of them. We thank the Academy for recognizing such a personal achievement this morning, but our biggest thank you goes to our nominated extraordinary films The film is meant to be included. For the Best Picture. We learned a lot of hard lessons last year, but one good thing was that people would find a way to go to the movies, even if they only went to their living room. Can.

Chicago 7 is a very modern period. It takes place in 1968 but it is about today. It is a Valentine for the patriotism of protest and the courage of ordinary people, who toe with power. Jerry Rubin called the trial an ‘opposition to the Academy Awards’. Well it is the Academy of Academy Awards, and it is an honor to be nominated. “

Lee Isak Chung, Best Director for ‘Minari’.

“Thank you Academy for this honor. I couldn’t do it as we struggled on the journey to make this film, and now I understand that the Oscar moments are filled with endless thanks. I love the whole family. Incredibly grateful. The cast and crew behind Minari who agreed to make this film. I am especially thankful to my mom, dad, and sister who filled that little trailer house in Arkansas where we Started, and my wife and daughter who mean more to me than anything, I am blessed that my grandmother, laden with water, kept on going.

Thomas Winterberg for Best International Feature Film for ‘Another Round’.

“This is wonderful news. Thank you very much to the academy, and congratulations to my fellow nominees. I am honored to be in your company. I have made a few films over the years, but none of them make much sense. It’s like. During such a long journey, it makes the most sense to be surrounded by the greatest allies who are also great friends. My actors, Mads, my co-authors Tobias, Sturla my DOP, Xentrop’s My producer and amazing behind-the-scenes talent was with me in this journey and everything he gave. Thanks from Denmark. “

Darius Marder, Best Director for ‘Sound of Metal’.

“The Sound of Metal was created by a group of artists who poured their heart into this entire process. The intentions of our cast and crew are reflected in six nominations for the first time, especially on someone’s back at least It is overwhelming to say that everyone included pure artistic passion in the film. Thank you to Amazon Studios and the Academy for this extraordinary morning. “

Best animated feature for Tom Moore and Ross Stewart ‘Wolfwalkers’.

“On behalf of our entire amazingly talented Wolfpack from Kilkenny, Paris, Luxembourg and beyond, we are extremely grateful and happy to be nominated for this year’s Oscars. An honor to all of us and to our friends at Apple, GKids A big thank you. ” And all our financing and distribution partners around the world who allowed us to make this film and bring it to the world. Our film is a love letter to nature and our shared biosphere and to hand drawn animation and its timeless potential in our home in Ireland. , Its history and culture, its folklore and its people. “


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