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But this is not the defeat of analytics; This is not evidence that reliance on data has gone too far. The relationship between science and tradition does not need to be inherently antagonistic. Rather, it is best understood as a case of advances in analytics that help refine the traditional reading of the game.

Yes, sometimes it is worth shooting from the range, but only from certain areas, in certain conditions and at certain times. You and I may have ideas about when those situations may arise, but it is only through the use of data that we can ensure that they are correct. Analytics is meant to deepen our understanding of the game, not to counter it.

As was expected, the book’s recommendations have flooded over the past few days. “The Distance of Castel Di Sangro,” “The Glory Game,” “How Football Describes the World” and “Sokernomics” all received numerous recommendations, all of which I support.

Many of you have also enrolled fever fever, which I am sure is very good; Its effect, of course, makes it well worth your time. I personally can’t vow for it, though: I have, appropriately, never read it. Or watched the movie. In general, I try to avoid reliving unpleasant childhood memories, and that tops the particular list that centers on Michael Thomas’ most notable contribution to English football history.

Roland Mascarenhas, Meanwhile, was asked if the reader started this conversation – Alexander da silva Whatever the friends he was thinking about inviting, whatever, he would be willing to consider further expansion of the book group. If other people want to join it, I’m happy to have it with Alexander and see if you have any doubt.

(This is risky, isn’t it? This is the thing to end with me, in front of a special committee of the Senate with Alexander and Roland, using people’s data and whether we have accidentally fallen into the collapse of democracy. Vector for. And all because Roland didn’t buy my book, like he should.)

Rachel block Asked whether last week’s column spread too easily with the idea that Chelsea could beat Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals. Possibly, though not intentionally: it was merely an attempt to say that it is hard to believe that Real could outlast Chelsea. Either way, hopefully this week is addressed.

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