Nevada GOP congressional unsuccessful candidate supersedes claims, which he changes to Texas’ new run

Now as a candidate for the US House of Representatives in Texas, it is impossible to ignore a person from a departed suburban family. Rodimer is now pitching himself as a bull-rider wearing a cowboy hat, who speaks with a southern drawl.

“Texas!” Rodimer says in a Recent ad. “Send Big Dan to Congress. I know how to handle Nancy Pelosi and stop her bullsh * t.”
The latest personality of the New Jersey native is seen as hooliganism as one of his few Democratic opponents who knocked him over for using a body double to ride a bull His campaign video. But Rodimer – who once worked as a home builder in Houston, according to his campaign website, and was a staple in professional wrestling before running for office – has pushed back.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Rodim responded to the criticism by saying: “You know, we have an old saying here in Texas – ‘I wasn’t born in Texas, but I could fast here.’ And that’s why we came back. ”

“Regarding my voice, well, as you can hear right now, it’s gone. It’s gone for the last three weeks,” he said. “And between the two videos that he put back-to-back, you know if you watch them, they were selectively edited. If you watch the whole thing, you’re going to hear my voice It is like it is now. “

Rodimer lost his Nevada race last November, and has since moved his family to the Dallas area by 1,000 miles. He is one of more than 20 candidates in the May special election to fill the seat Texas Rape Ron wright, Who died in February after being diagnosed with Kovid-19. Wright’s widow Susan is also running for the seat.

Rodimer has also faced criticism from some Republicans in Congress.

“Fake Texan Makes Fake Video of Fake Bull Ride. We already have enough vocals in Congress,” Florida Republican Rep. Matt Matz. Tweeted Friday. “Texas should not import its congressmen. Big Dan is all hats, no cattle.”

Speaking to CNN on Monday, Rodimer admitted for the first time that the campaign used a body double for parts of the bull riding section of the ad. The ad has never featured Ryder’s face, and the boot and vest look slightly different than the one worn by Rodeemer in the video.

“I actually stayed for 11 seconds and the only reason I was able to stop – well, unfortunately my hand was stuck, so I couldn’t stop soon – we didn’t get a full filming of it, and, yes “We used to jump to other people to be body doubles,” he said.

This is not the first time Rödimer has sparked controversy. During their 2020 campaign, the father of six faced previous physical assault charges. His now-estranged wife also released a campaign advertisement detailing a 911 call made against him in 2018, alleging that he had stolen money, jewelry and guns before marriage.

In an earlier campaign video, Rodimer states that his single arrest charges while in college are “now dismissed,” and his wife Sarah claims that “what happened between Dan and I was a literal argument.” – Plain and simple. Dan never laid hands on me, then or never. “

Rodimer denied the accusations of past physical assault and the 911 calls that his wife gave to CNN on Monday.

Election Day in the special election takes place on May 1, when Democrats and Republicans run on the same ballot. If no one gets 50% of the vote, the election will be for a runoff between the top two candidates, which will be held later in May.


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