Sunday, May 9, 2021

New David Hawkney billboards to illuminate 4 cities in May

Two suns will appear in four cities during the month of May – the real sun in the sky, of course, but its portrayal as depicted in a video by a British artist David hockney. The 2-minute animation will be broadcast on Digital Hoarding in Times Square in New York and in key locations in London, Tokyo and Seoul.

Hawkney’s evening of a new day in a color-saturated landscape is reflected in the dawn experience by staring out the kitchen window of his home in Normandy, France, where he has been living since 2019, carefully surrounding his art. Are observing

The announcement of the new digital work, “Remember You Can’t See the Sun or Death for Too Long,” suggests that the animation can be interpreted as a message of hope about emerging from winter – or From the epidemic lockdown.

The rollout of Hockney’s Sunrise, which he made on an iPad, is being circled by approximatelyA digital platform that British artist Joseph O’Connor envisioned as prependemic, and Times Square ArtsPublic Art Branch of the Times Square Coalition. Since October, the CIRCA has been airing artworks on Piccadilly Lights, a curved billboard in Piccadilly Square, London.

In New York, Times Square Arts will incorporate Hawkney’s animation in its long run Moment of midnight Series, it is run on 76 screens as a 12-screen.

Hawkney’s clip will also run on a large-scale Unica Vision digital billboard in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district and on-screen in Seoul’s Gangnam district.

The clip will be broadcast at different times in four cities and will also be viewable CIRCA website.

The 83-year-old Hockeny began experimenting with an iPad in 2010. Prior to this, he gained widespread acclaim for work in a staggering range of mediums, such as paint and charcoal such as dirty.

One can see the advantages of using a tablet, including “no cleaning required”, he said in an email interview. “And I can always draw in a moment’s notice.”

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