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New York Assembly Speaker Oaks pressures Cuomo after impeachment investigation

For Cuomo, Who is under fire In the wake of her defense of sexual harassment allegations and nursing home deaths, the events are still the most serious sign that her support within her own party is quickly ending after a decade of dominating the state’s political landscape is.

State Assembly Speaker Carl Hetti made the decision after a meeting with the Assembly Majority Conference, a meeting he announced on Thursday.

The statement said the committee, led by Democratic Assembly Charles Levine, has been authorized to evaluate sub-documents, interview witnesses and testify.

“Reports of allegations concerning the governor are serious,” Hetty said.

Hettie said he had “extreme confidence” that Lavine and the committee would conduct an “expedient” investigation.

Cuomo, Lavine and Lt. for CNN comment. Gov. Has reached the offices of Kathy Hochul.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement that the Assembly’s action would not affect her investigation.

Call for Cuomo to resign

Earlier on Thursday, more than 50 Democratic lawmakers called for Cuomo’s resignation, arguing that they had “lost the confidence of the public” and “ineffective in this most urgent need.”

“In view of the findings of the Governor’s admission of inappropriate behavior and the death toll in the nursing home COVID-19, he has lost the trust of the public and the state legislature, making him ineffective in times of this most urgent need,” the group New York 59 Democrat members serving in the state Senate and Assembly wrote in the letter released on Thursday.

The letter amount has had to be withdrawn from its own party for the biggest show of public pressure from the New York Democratic governor. New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs asked for the allegations to be investigated by the legislature. He accepted calls by some Democrats for Cuomo’s resignation, but refused to do so himself, rather than calling a meeting of county chairs to hear his views.

In his letter, the legalists acknowledge that James’s free civil investigation The Governor’s behavior should continue, but he can no longer wait for it to be completed.

“In the meantime, the governor needs to put the people of New York first. We have a lieutenant governor who can step in and move forward for the rest of the term, and most of all for the people of New York at this critical time. Is good “argument.

“It’s time for Governor Cuomo’s resignation,” he says.

Cuomo said on Sunday that he would not resign and repeatedly denied touching anyone inappropriately.

The signatories to the letter include 19 state senators and 40 members of the state assembly, including Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim. Who last month alleged that Cuomo threatened To him and his career.

They add top Democrats to the state Senate, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who on Sunday said “Governor Cuomo should resign for the good of the state.”

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Last week, a handful of Democratic state lawmakers and the US Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York alleged that Cuomo left office in the wake of mounting allegations. Since then, two more women have come forward, the New York Democrats’ List Calling for his Auster has continued to grow.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also said Thursday that Cuomo “cannot serve as governor right now.” “All women should be heard” this week with White House press secretary Jane Saki, but nationally-performing Democrats have been much more silent in their reaction, citing Cuomo on the allegations and citing ongoing investigations .

In a tweet on Sunday, Hetty called the allegations against Cuomo “deeply disturbing”, saying “I think it’s time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively address the needs of the New Yorkers.” can complete.”

Many controversies

Cuomo faces mounting Democratic backlash as top New York State lawmakers call for resignation
Cuomo’s administration outlined Kovid’s death toll in New York’s long-term care patients according to a State attorney general report, And then there was a delay in sharing potentially damaging information with state lawmakers.

By the end of January, longtime caretakers residents Kovid-19 died, were classified as such when they passed inside a facility. Those who died after being out of the hospital or were not included in that particular person. The total number of Kovid deaths in New York remained the same, but the practice led to a dramatic misinterpretation of the actual toll in New York’s long-term care facilities.

Cuomo and his administration defended their decision, arguing that both the Justice Department and New York State lawmakers asked questions, with federal investigations becoming their priority. The governor has denied any wrongdoing.

Amid criticism for dealing with deaths in nursing homes, Cuomo also faces allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior of many women.

The firestorm that consumed New York politics in the last two weeks began on February 24 Former colleague Lindsay Boylan accused In a moderate post, Cuomo will be on her lips in 2018 after a brief, one-on-one meeting that she kissed in her New York City office.
Last week, Cuomo Women offered forgiveness And said he never knew he was “making anyone feel uncomfortable” and denied touching anyone inappropriately. He declined the call for his resignation.

Gregory Krigg and Christina Siglia of CNN contributed to this report.


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