Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New York Times: Boehner blames ‘that bloody rebellion’ at Trump’s feet

Republicans have wobbled on to embrace the legacy of the 45th president as an electoral strategy, and Boehner’s abuses are the latest argument by the former D chief of the Gauch GOP to resist It defines itself in the Biden era as an influence of Trump.

Trump’s “refusal to accept the election result not only cost the Republican Senate, but led to mob violence,” the former speaker wrote in his forthcoming book, “On the House: A Washington Memoir” “It was painful to watch,” the Times reported on Wednesday.

Boener also said that the former president had instigated a bloody uprising for “nothing more than selfish reasons, he was talking nonsense after losing a fair election in November last year.”

“He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust levied on him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust,” Bohner said according to the newspaper.

Trump’s advisor, Jason Miller, in a statement to CNN on Wednesday called Bohner a “swamp creature” and suggested that the former speaker’s criticism was motivated by trade interests with China. Boener Square is a senior strategic consultant with Patton Boggs, a large law firm with offices in the US and around the world, including China.

The Times reported that Trump asked Boener in an email to the paper, “Did he drink while making this statement? Just another rhino that couldn’t work!”

Boehner also wrote that he was not prepared for Trump to “refuse to accept the outcome and air the flames of conspiracy that turned into violence at the seat of our democracy” in the building he once presided over. “It was scary and sad to see. It should have been a wake-up call for a return to Republican sanctity.”

Boehner Resigned as House Speaker In late 2015 amid conflict with the Republican Party’s growing conservative caucus. Since then, he has occasionally publicly voiced disenchantment with the GOP under Trump’s influence, Saying in 2018, “There is no Republican Party. Trump is the party.”
Meanwhile, Trump continues to put significant pressure in the direction of the current Republican Party, which Voted heavily to acquit him In this year’s trial for impeachment for his role in inciting the January 6 riots. Many prominent republicans Have met with trump, And the 45th President has announced plans to become an active participant in the midterm elections, which include him Support of repeal. Moe brooks Alabama in the US Senate race on Wednesday.

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