Saturday, April 17, 2021

NFL Clears Way Two and Two Washington Football Team Turmoil

Since then, Washington has sought to improve its 3–13 record from the 2019 season by sacking several front office executives and hiring a new coach, Ron Rivera, in early 2020. in August, Rivera learns he has cancer And began treatment for it, but he coached the entire season, bringing the team back to the playoffs for the first time in five years.

To try to revive the club’s distorted image, Snyder has hired several new officers, including NFL First Black Team President, Jason Wright. a coed dance team Will perform on game days, replacing Cheer program, Who was overseen by one of the fired officers since the sexual harassment charge.

Snyder will pay $ 875 million for 40.5 percent of the team Owned by Dwight Scarr, Robert Rothman and Frederick Smith, he purchased a majority stake in 1999, ensuring his total control of the franchise.

When the purchase is completed, which is expected soon, Snyder and his family will own 100 percent of the club and end a public fight with Rothman, Pinnacle and Smith, who bought into the team in 2003. Last spring, the three men were tied together to try to sell their bets after Snyder’s refusal to pay an annual dividend to preserve the team’s cash with the 2020 NFL season still in doubt due to the Snyder epidemic. .

In August, personal disagreement over distributed dividend Turned into a corporate intrusion He appeared in public view. Snyder accused everyone that Scar had launched a smear campaign against him by pleading in court documents that Scar had given the news media the facility to spread negative information about it, with the hope that the bad press would eventually sell his majority to Snyder Will force In that case, if the team was sold as a whole, the shares of the three would have gained more value.

Three minority owners – Scar, a real estate developer; Rothman, an asset manager; And Smith turned against FedEx’s president – Snyder, in which he made accusations of bad behavior and malfeasance in federal court.

Even Wilkinson was brought in last July by team officials to investigate female employees, the N.F.L. Was hired at the end of june Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to remove sourness among Washington football team owners.

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