NFL officially adds 17th regular season game

The NFL formally agreed to add the 17th regular season game on Tuesday, the first expansion of the league’s schedule since 1978.

To make room for the extra game, the league’s owners eliminated a precision game, leaving three for each team. The upcoming regular season will begin on Thursday, September 9 and end one week later on Sunday than usual. Until Sunday, February 13, 2022.

Teams will only have one bye week during the season.

The owners of the team approved the extension at an annual meeting held virtually, but the new calendar was all structured but guaranteed to move forward after the league’s announcement March 18 that it had reached a series of long-term distribution deals With CBS, Fox and other media companies. Current collective bargaining agreement, Reached in March 2020, gave team owners the option of adding additional regular season games if the league signed at least one new media deal.

In addition to the 17th regular season game from two additional playoff games included in the league last season, the NFL negotiated higher rates for its media rights. The new deals, totaling more than $ 100 billion, nearly double the amount of contracts that have expired.

“One of the benefits of each team playing 17 regular season games is our ability to continue our game around the world,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

During the negotiations on the labor contract last year, Many key players including Richard Sherman and Aaron Rodgers, Opposed to adding the 17th regular season game. The owners eventually won over reluctant union members, who approved the agreement by just 60 votes to the players, with a bump in their share in the NFL’s revenue, up to 48.5 percent of 47 under the old deal.

Some players remain in opposition for long periods of time. Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson called Additional Sports “Complete BS” in a post on Twitter. Alvin Kamara running back New Orleans Saints Used spicier language Express your displeasure before giving your response Writing, “17 games still dumb,” on the application.

Goodell said in a conference call with reporters that the players would still play a total of 20 preseason and regular season games. Injury rates, he said, are higher during the precision game, so eliminating someone can result in fewer injuries. Most established players, however, only play sparingly during preseason, when coaches prefer to evaluate free agents and crooks as they prepare for a roster spot.

On Tuesday, the owners also approved a rule requiring all 32 teams to play foreign games at least once every eight years. This would allow the league to schedule up to four neutral-site games each year outside the United States starting in 2022. Teams such as the Green Bay Packers have been reluctant to play internationally, as they did not want to give up revenue from home games. And because of the extra travel stress. In recent years, some franchises have been willing to play games in London and Mexico City in exchange for the right to host the Super Bowl. The new rule will end that trade.

As the league increases the international footprint of the game, NFL officials said it could return to playing the game in Canada, as well as elsewhere in South America and Germany. The NFL’s Chief Strategy and Development Officer Chris Halpin looked for a Canadian stadium that met the league’s specifications to host the game.

The 17-game regular season will give half of the NFL’s teams an extra home game each season. For simplicity, the 17th game will be hosted by all teams on a rotating basis from a conference. In 2021, each AFC team will host nine regular season games, while NFC teams will host eight. In 2022, NFC teams will receive their ninth home game.

As usual, the teams will play at home and away against their three divisional rivals for a total of six matches. Interdisciplinary sports within the same conference will continue on a rotating, three-year cycle, interrelated games, four-year cycles. The remaining games will be determined based on prior year’s standings.

The newly added 17th game will take place between interconnection teams based on the preceding standings. A first-placed team from a division would face a first-placed team from a division in the opposing conference that was not scheduled to play based on normal scheduling rotations.

This will give rise to some tricky interrelationships in 2021. The Green Bay Packers, for example, the winner of the NF.C. Last season, the AFC West would travel to Kansas City to play the winning majors. The Seattle Seahawks, winner of the NFC West, will play the Steelers in Pittsburgh, while Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Colts will play in Indianapolis.

The NFL will announce the dates and times of all these games in the coming weeks.

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