Saturday, April 17, 2021

NHL Hopes Reaches Out to Latin Audiences

In South Florida, the Panthers dubbed Spanish broadcasts on radio during their first three seasons beginning in 1993, while they played in Miami and again in mid-2010.

Three years ago the Kings debut in Spanish broadcasting came on the heels of that short-lived venture, a mirror to the regional English-language cable network that carried the Lakers and Dodgers before being canceled in 2018 after six years.

The Kings’ radio coverage on Spectrum Deportes is more limited, as well as its 1990s predecessor, La Cadena Deportiva, a network that would take the Lakers, San Diego Padres, Kings and Anaheim Ducks to Spanish for their other sports telecasts is. in the 1990s.

The Kings also had a Spanish radio broadcast that ended in the 1997–98 season.

“Some of them do it as a PR stunt, do two games here or do three games. But it doesn’t really go anywhere because they don’t support it financially and don’t give it time, “said Cesar Sutil, of its two seasons (1993–94 and 1994–95) for La Cadena Deportiva Full house show for producers Kings and Duck during the broadcast.

Although the Kings did not use their success to diversify their programming over the past decade – they won championships in 2012 and 2014, but did not begin Spanish broadcasting until 2018 – the Chicago Blackhawks did. For the past six seasons, his presence in Spanish-language media and the Latino community has grown. They now broadcast all their home games on Spanish radio.

The former Chicago play-play announcer, 52-year-old Hector Lezano, also worked with other Chicago franchises, including the Bulls, during the Michael Jordan era, and said he saw a huge increase in hockey’s enthusiasm in Chicago’s Latino community.

“After winning the Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013 and 2015, you know, everybody wanted to join the winner,” Lozano said in Spanish.

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