Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Nikki de Saint Falley: nothing more shocking than Joey

St. Falley always wrote alongside making her own art, and the show includes a book on AIDS and several hand-made pages for its prevention, called “AIDS, You Can Catch It Catching Hands” in English. Has been published. First written and illustrated in 1986, later adapted for French TV, this open-book book announces dancers like Nana, “I Love Condoms,” and the beautiful AIDS love for people living with HIV and AIDS. And declaring to care, a long time ago many political leaders also accepted the syndrome.

Yet PS1’s concentration on public busyness and public works seems a bit innate to her. It gives us a “good Nikki” with her good, self-taught beauty, her communal construction projects and celebrations of play, her AIDS advocacy, her secret diaries. This “bad Nikki,” a murderer of good Parisian taste, who “wanted art”As beautiful as watching someone kill, Or atomic bomb.“And for a show related to the artist’s social commitments, it emphasizes her support for American civil rights protest. We get a dreamy fiber from the grandfathers of all colors of 1968, but not the big black nanks of Saint Falley, which today seem bold and strange in equal measure.

In contrast to Salon 94, the racial maternal grandfather is at the center stage. The gallery has installed three large sculptures in a winter garden, echoing the design of her first solo museum show called “Nana Power”. Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam In 1967. (“We have black power, why not Nana power?” Another, who is also on one leg and playing with a beach ball, is titled “Le Peril Jun” (“Yellow Peril”)) Since 1969; she has flowers on her breasts and a flesh of texe color. She is a heroic figure, but Saint Falg resurrects a racist trope for her title, dating back to Vietnam and no less.

It is natural to be uncomfortable by these painted giantesses. They are more than half a century old. But museums, purified of inconvenient things, are also playgrounds of a type, and Saint Falley rarely gave audiences fully accepted versions of anything. It is lovely to make a place, but he was both a builder And the destroyer. He was a builder of living structures, and a shotgiver who fired to kill.

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