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‘No signal’ AstraZeneca causes shot clotting, EU agency says

France, Spain, Germany, Italy and more than a dozen other countries stopped using the vaccine after the support of the European Medical Agency’s executive director Emer Cook, even as the continent faced a third wave of pandemics and criticism. Faced up. On sluggish vaccination rollout campaigns.

The actions of European governments have surprised experts and caused a myriad of questions among those who are or are in line to take a shot. Rob Picheta writes.

But the broader message from health experts has been calm; When reference is made that blood clotting cases are rare and will not outnumber the general population, while the vaccine has been proven to work in reducing Kovid-19 cases.

“These vaccines are to protect against a pandemic virus. There is an urge to rollout,” Michael Head, senior research fellow at Global Health at the University of Southampton, told CNN. “So stopping a vaccine campaign at this time without a very good reason is a bad move.”

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Question: Why are European countries suspending the AstraZeneca vaccine?

a: Countries that have suspended the vaccine have said the move is a precaution. And while experts are surprised at the move, they note that it is not uncommon for drugs and vaccines to be reviewed once they are in use.

“Research at the University of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Reading, Gibbins said of the reviews in the vaccine’s safety.

Countries will wait to hear guidance from the EMA which is expected tomorrow but many have expressed a desire to continue the rollout soon.

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Trump asks his supporters to get Kovid-19 vaccinated

Former president donald trumpIn a national television interview on Tuesday, Kovid endorsed the 19 vaccine, suggesting it to Americans who voted for him and may be reluctant to receive it.

“I would recommend it and recommend it to a lot of people that they don’t want to get it and a lot of people vote for me,” Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “But again,” he continued, “we have our freedom and we have to live by that and I agree too. But it’s a great vaccine. It’s a safe vaccine and it’s something that works. Does. ”

Comments – what amount Trump receives for Trump’s most energetic support – such as vaccine hesitation among Republicans are threatening the US path to herd immunity. While 92% of Democrats have either got vaccinated or want to be vaccinated, the number is 50% among Republicans, a CNN poll conducted by SSRS shows.

Modern begins testing its vaccine in children and children

Pharmaceutical company modern Has begun testing its Kovid-19 vaccine in children under 12 years of age, including infants as young as 6 months old. The clinical trial, called the Kidkov study, is expected to enroll 6,750 children in the US and Canada.

“This pediatric study will help us assess the potential safety and immunity of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate in this significantly younger population,” Morden CEO Stephen Banksel said in a press release.

Morden is currently not the only Kovid-19 shot being tested in children, as the Pfizer / BioNotech Kovid-19 vaccine is also being studied in age groups as early as age 12. Johnson & Johnson has announced plans to study the vaccine in teens, ages 12 to 18.

Children separated from parents highlight the value of Hong Kong’s coronovirus success

When Ariel sees her two young sons being isolated in a hospital ward in Hong Kong with Kovid-19, she breaks down. The brothers – ages 5 and 1 and both asymptomatic – contained vests that tied them to bed. They were covered in dirt and both wore diapers, even a five-year-old child.

Ariel’s family caught themselves in the crosshairs of Hong Kong’s inflexible but efficient pandemic prevention measures in late February. Although it has been more than 14 months since the region identified its first coronavirus case, Hong Kong has shown some signs of loosening several restrictions.

From a public health point of view, there is little debate with the results. According to government figures, this city of more than 7 million people has identified only 11,300 cases and 200 deaths. But due to lack of flexibility, in many cases, parents leave with a heart-breaking decision like Ariel: go to quarantine and send their children to the hospital alone, or go to the hospital with them and risk infection themselves, Joshua berlinger writes.

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St. Patrick’s Day parties are paved for the spread of coronovirus variants. May it not happen, writes Holi Yan.

St. Patrick’s Day was the first major holiday of the Kovid-19 epidemic in America, and we have since started to learn lessons. Young, healthy people who were infected around the celebration last year have suffered long-term complications. And the infection is spread by people without any symptoms.

But this St. Patrick’s Day, there is a new challenge for Americans: the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus virus. While parties may occur, infection is not. Here you should know what you should do before taking green beer with strangers.

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“What we really need and what we haven’t seen is a coordinated response from the federal government to this problem, despite the fact that we have been in the opioid crisis for more than 20 years.” – Dr. Andrew Kolodny, co-founder of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescription

For those struggling with an opioid addiction, the epidemic has caused a perfect storm of stress and isolation. CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Medical Director of Opioid Policy Research at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandis University, about the impact of coronovirus on America’s opioid crisis. Talked to Kolodny. Hey now.


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