‘Nomadland’ won Best Picture


Winner for Best Actress, Star Frances MacDormand used her one moment in the Oscar spotlight to lend her support to theaters.

“Please watch our film on the biggest screen possible, and one day – very soon, – you all know that you shake shoulder to shoulder in that dark place, in a theater and watch every movie, which is here tonight Is shown “said.

Director Chloe Zhao made history on Sunday with her Best Director win.

“Nomadland” is McDormand as a woman who, after leaving her job and her husband’s death, finds a community and kinship among those who, like her, are less homeless – homeless – and live in their vans Huh.

The film was supposed to change its release plan due to the coronovirus epidemic, the same day it was running in theaters. Drive-ins.

“Nomadland” won the top awards at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival before flourishing evenly during the award season.

It won Best Picture at both the Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards before earning the biggest award of the night at the Oscars, which the film was favored to win.


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