Friday, May 7, 2021

Norton took a Philip Roth biography out of print

In her email to staff on Tuesday, Ms. Readhead acknowledged that Norton could have done more to look into the allegations. “As a publishing company we are limited in our investigative capabilities,” she wrote, “but we believe there may be situations, such as allegations of potential criminal conduct, where we should actively consider bringing outside assistance . “

Some allegations against Mr. Bailey were also reported earlier The Times-Picayune / New Orleans Advocate And Los Angeles TimesAnd additional charges have since been reported.

In an email to the Times last week, Mr Bailey denied the allegations, calling them “clearly inaccurate and abusive”. Mr Bailey, a lawyer for Billy Gibbons, described Norton’s allegations as “disturbing and inappropriate”.

In an email on Tuesday, Mr. Gibbons said: “Norton took a unilateral, unilateral decision to print Mr. Bailey’s books, based on false and baseless allegations leveled against them, without any investigation or opportunity to Mr. Bailey. To refute the charges.” “

Norton did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Since the #MeToo movement started, publishers have canceled contracts with several authors who have faced allegations of sexual harassment and assault. In 2017, Penguin Press canceled an upcoming book on the 2016 election after Mr. Helperin, author of the best-seller, “Game Changes,” by John Helleman and Mark Haperin. Was accused Sexual harassment of women at ABC News, where he once directed political coverage.

And Hatchet Book Group in March 2020 An upcoming memoir by Woody Allen dropped Amid a wave of criticism, including a walkout by staffers, who have long cited allegations that Mr Allen had molested his adopted stepdaughter, Dylan. (Both Mr allan And Mr helperin Later other publishers were found.)

Pulling out books that have already been published is less common, and even Norton’s initial “break” last week Expressed concern with free expression groups.

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