Norwegian police identify child who died while crossing the English Channel

Southwestern Police Principal Investigator Camilla Tzelle Wage said: “It is now positive that the boy found is Artin Iranezhad. He is of Iranian descent and was involved in a shipwreck in the English Channel off the coast of France on October 27 last year disappeared during.” in a statement on Monday.

Police said Artin was 18 months old when he disappeared. Both his parents died in the shipwreck, along with his two older siblings. The family was among 19 migrants aboard a boat bound for Britain that capsized in French waters.

When the small body washed up on Norway’s Karmoy island, there were no reports of missing children in the area and no families had contacted local police, a spokesman for Southwest Police told CNN on Monday. Police also said that the blue overalls Artin was wearing was not a Norwegian brand, which suggests he was not a native.

A police handout photo shows 18-month-old Artin Iranezhad's clothes.

The principal investigator said in a statement that forensic scientists from the University of Oslo were able to match Artin’s DNA with that of a relative in Norway last week.

“It’s a painstaking process, but we’re glad we’ve now got confirmation that it’s the missing boy who was found on Karmoy. This story is sad, but at least it’s good for relatives to be able to answer,” Tzel Vege said.

“The police have had an ongoing dialogue with the French authorities. We have always respected the procedures going on across national borders, but when it was discovered that the boy had a kinship in Norway that was close enough, we tried to match up. The DNA of that person is in line with the DNA of the boy,” said Tzel Wedge.


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