One Legacy of Impeachment: The Most Complete Account So Far of Jan. 6

One Legacy of Impeachment: The Most Complete Account So Far of Jan. 6

The pure relaxation of the crowd through the Capitol that day was breathtaking, as did the catalog People who tried to guard were hurt The country’s chosen legalists. One police officer lost one eye, the other the tip of his finger. Still another was shocked so many times with a Taser gun that he suffered a heart attack.

He suffered a crack in the ribs, two spotted spinal nerves and multiple concussions. At least 81 members of the Capital Force and 65 members of the Metropolitan Police Department were injured, not even counting the officer killed that day, or two others, who later committed suicide. Some officials described it as worse than serving in the war in Iraq.

And through it all, President Donald J. Trump served as the catalyst for inspiration. Even when he addressed a rally beforehand, supporters can be heard on the video responding by shouting, “Take the Capitol!” Then he talked about calling the president in the White House to see what he had done. And at least one of his supporters read one of the president’s angry tweets to accuse the crowd.

If nothing else, the Senate impeachment trial has served at least one purpose: it stitched together the most comprehensive and chilling account to date of last month’s deadly attack on the Capitol, the most in two of the violence on the Congressional seat Large explosion highlighted. Centuries. New details have revealed this and the methodical, minute-by-minute assembly of known facts, the trial proved to be a revelation for many Americans – and even some who lived through the events.

As invaders were close calls and misses, some wore military-style tactical gear, some wore baseball bats or flagpoles or shields seized from police, several dozen steps away from the Congress Vice President and members of Congress. . The body-cam footage captured an almost mid-level physical combat and the police’s despicable voices on dispatch tape calling for help. Many MPs had understood that by 6 January there were more signs of violence coming from social media.

“While we were preparing for this test, I was not aware of many of these facts,” the representative Madeleine Dean, One of Pennsylvania’s Democrats and managers, told the senators Saturday. He said, “I was a witness to terror, but I did not know.” I did not know how intentional the President’s plan was, how he had invested in it, how often he provoked his supporters with these lies, how carefully and consistently he incited violence on 6 January. “

Yet all the heart-wrenching narratives of that day and the weeks leading up to it were presented on the Senate floor, striking even after everything was over, many questions on issues such as crowd funding and leadership remain unanswered . Intelligence warnings of pending violence due to the extent of coordination with extremist groups, security malfunctions and failure in various quarters of the government.

And then, most notably, what the president was doing in the hours that the Capitol was being vandalized, a point that Republican senators tried to do at home through prosecution and defense questions and a brief trial on Saturday did.

House managers were able to present a statement from Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, a Republican congressman, stating what he was told about Defective telephone calls California Representative Kevin McCarthy accompanied Mr. Trump in the middle of the attack.

Ms. Herrera Butler said that House Republican leader Mr. McCarthy had told her that when she called for help from the president over the phone, Mr. Trump was pointed out by rioters obstructing the Election College’s college count and his defeat . . “I think these people are more upset with the election.”

The Trump camp has never provided a definitive and authoritative account of the former president’s knowledge or actions during the attack. But advisers speaking on condition of anonymity have told reporters that he was initially pleased, not bothered, that his supporters had interrupted the election count, and that he would continue to investigate his security even after Mr. Lance left Vice President Mike Pence never reached out to him. Expelled from the Senate chamber.

Opposing the pleas on behalf of Republican allies such as Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Trump explicitly called for a halt to the attack, embracing the rioters that day and calling for peace, giving a mixed message supporting his cause. While one of his attorneys told the Senate on Friday that “at any point” Mr. Trump had informed that the Vice President was in danger, which was contradicted by a phone call described by Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

Despite conflicting and sometimes fragmented accounts, the House decided to proceed with impeachment and prosecution without any actual investigation or summoning witnesses, eager to get the constitutional showdown expeditiously so that President Biden would proceed with his agenda Can.

The managers concluded that the available record was sufficiently compelling to make a decision, but acknowledged the gaps in their knowledge. Representative Joaquin Castro, a Democrat from Texas, admitted at one point during the presentations, “We don’t know anything about that day yet.”

The Trump defense team has sought to use them against managers, saying they carelessly rely on irresponsible news and social media postings. Michael T., one of the former president’s lawyers. “House managers conducted zero scrutiny,” van der Veen said. “The American people are so much better off coming here without any evidence, hearing at the top of those reports hearing them.”

But Trump’s lawyers apparently did anything if there were any inquiries into his own clientele or they were unable to answer specific questions from senators that the president knew and did during the rage. And Mr. Trump withdrew an invitation from House managers to testify and clear any confusion.

Nevertheless, incomplete as they were, clarified the presentations over the last five days and prepared the events of January. 6. Manager Capitol security camera footage and police dispatch recordings never played before While harvesting massive amounts of videos and photographs posted on social media and other accounts by journalists, police officers, rioters, and members of Congress and their employees.

Some senators learned for the first time how close the attackers came to them. Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah did not realize until the tape was played on the Senate floor that the officer avoided running straight into the rioters that day Officer Eugene Goodman, Is famous for facing increasing crowds alone.

“Obviously it was very disturbing that our Capitol Police and others were victims of violence,” Mr. Romney told reporters. “It brings tears to your heart and brings tears to your eyes. It was quite worrying and emotional. “

After the trial hearing, Mr. Romney asked Officer Goodman to thank him and listen to the officer’s own account on the day, which included breathing in bear spray and tear gas while carrying the crowd to his chamber Were trying

Perhaps the audio and video recordings of other police officers were the most telling – and unsuccessful – for the safety of the Capitol. Radio communication became increasingly frantic, with one officer saying against a deen in the background: “We’re out and we’ve lost the line.” Another said: “They are throwing metal poles at us.” He was attacked with bear spray and some types of fireworks. An officer was dragged down the stairs; The other one was beaten after falling to the ground.

The managers themselves documented the bulk of the building’s desolation. A worker had to clean the stool from a wall. The other had to wipe blood. And as with a revolution in a distant country, it was the sound of the day that was remembered most vividly by some: the pounding on the building’s door, as glass crashed, the staff whispers. Hid from the crowd “Those window sounds popping, I won’t forget that voice,” a congressional aide said in the audio.

Mr. Trump was left to the Senate to decide how much to blame for the attack documented in such painful detail. The defense team prosecuted the case for inciting senator-gamblers with “rigging videos” to house managers arguing that only rioters committed crimes, not that the former president had committed.

But even then, the presentation of the managers brought home in a loud fashion and the rioters wondered how many of them were the rioters Acting or even directing on behalf of Mr. Trump, He knew it or not. In a video They carried themselves, an intruder also picked up a telephone at the seized Capitol office and laughed and called the president to talk about what he had done.

“Let’s call Trump, yes!” The man shouted. “Man, man, let’s say what Trump said.” When a compatriot suggested that Mr. Trump would be offended, the first man disagreed. “No, we just love him. ‘We love you, brother!’ He will be happy – what do you mean? We are fighting for Trump! “

In a riveting juxtaposition of the message that was delivered and how it was received, managers showed videos taken from a crowd viewpoint such as Mr. Trump Addresses supporters at a rally on Ellip Shortly before that they marched to the Capitol and laid siege to the building.

When Mr. Trump announced that he should “Take back our country” and “Show strength,” A few of the crowd stepped out of their earrings, shouting, “Storm the Capital,” “Invade the Capital Building” and “Take the Capitol!” Mr Trump said that as he headed to the Capitol, he should “make his voice heard with peace and patriotism”, but the word “peacefully” clearly did not overwhelm the crowd and at times overwhelmed him by saying “fight.” “Or” must fight like hell. “

Another video, played by Mr. Castro, showed a Trump supporter in the Capitol who later called Bullhorn for attacking Mr. Pence for his lack of “courage” to read to the crowd on a tweet from the president. Used. That day some of the rioters in the Capitol looked for the Vice President, “Hang Mike Pence!” A hanging was also erected outside.

But in fact some senators, particularly a handful of Republicans, were killed for punishment, what Mr. Trump did next – or what he didn’t. Despite the pleas of Mr. McCarthy, other aides, key aides, and his daughter Ivanka Trump, the president was still more focused on suppressing his attempt to block the election rather than the help of his vice president and Congress.

When he called Mr. Tuberville, according to House managers, he was not checking to see if he could help, but rather reiterated his objections to the election vote process.

One of the former president’s strongest allies, Mr. Tuberville, told reporters that he did not have time for it because the crowd was coming. “Mr. C. Mr. President, he has thrown out the Vice President.” They want me to turn off the phone. I have to go. “

Matthew Rosenberg, Mark Mazhetti And Michael S. Schmidt Contributed to reporting.



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