Opinion: The Yemen I know and love

Opinion: The Yemen I know and love

I am so left Hopeful, Even though my fellow citizens are suffering in a terrible camouflage involving self-interested nation-states, because I know their wishes and aspirations. A brutal dictatorship could not extinguish our quest for freedom, and neither would the deadly cracks of war in the era of terrorism, nor would it be the current genocide.
My faith in Yemeni’s dreams is filled with memories of those brave souls who joined us in Freedom Square in Sanaa, our capital, starting in 2007 for a sit-in. We raised our voice for freedom from peace, and on February 11, 2011. Protested The revolution. The people of Yemen took our rightful place under the sun of the Arab Spring.
Now, 10 years later, I Stand with my people To influence the United States and the free world by ending its support for abusive governments in the region and strengthening the search for a peaceful, united and democratic Yemen. President Joe Biden sent the right signal when he announced last week that he is Ending US support For the Saudi-led offensive in Yemen and Stopping recent arms sales For Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
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But more is needed. In the years following the early Arab Spring, leaders of Western democracies such as the US and Britain have often chosen ignorance over solidarity, and listened to authoritarianists rather than freedom fighters. He supported military dictators such as Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, staged military coup and staged violence against the Yemeni people, and failed to hold former incumbent Ali Abdullah Saleh responsible for any of his crimes. done. The democratic leaders of the West ensured a struggle against democratic movements throughout the Arab world, including Yemen.

President Biden must work to reduce the past losses of American policy. For years, America supports Saleh’s dictatorship. Yemen has suffered Mass civilian casualties Led by america “Fight against terror“More bloodshed still abuses its democratic process, led by Saudi as well.” Proxy war, Which the US supported.

The US cannot continue to lie to Arab dictators (or dictators anywhere for that matter), such as Saleh, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, while they and their successors terrorize their people and Commits human crimes on a large scale. President Biden must now continue to align the actions of his administration with America’s democratic values, and support the continued efforts of the Arab Spring Dreamers.

End the war

Yemen’s road to recovery will require major policy changes and accountability for those behind the violence. The first step is to end the proxy war. When Houthi Rebel Supported by Iran launched its coup and Saudi Arabia and its wealthy allies Launched His ailing bombing campaign in 2015, shattered his nascent progress towards democratization in Yemen.
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Saudi Arabia justifies intervention Disguise This would restore stability, as it was part of the problem to begin with. Instead of stabilizing Yemen, the Saudi coalition further destabilized it and imported new violence. this Opened the door to Iran To intervene against the democratic dreams of Yemen through the support of the Homi militia. the resulting The conflict has destroyed the country’s infrastructure, Killed Hundreds of Yemen and Condemnation of Countless others for famine and fever.

These defendants and dictators of arms against the Arab Spring pro-democracy movement tried to crush the aspirations of the people for democratic change in our region. Despite their differences, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran and their respective militias remain interested in the division and devastation in Yemen. They use the tomb of power and land to justify and distract from human rights abuses at home and abroad.

For example, the UAE has attempted to establish a so-called “Southern Transitional Council“To formalize a divided Yemen, and Saudi- and UAE-backed forces have demanded Annex Our strategic and beautiful island Sukotra, located 60 miles east of the Horn of Africa. Peace and progress in Yemen will thwart the agenda of dictators and blood donors.
America's military needs to face the enemy
Our people will stand up for themselves, but they need support. The Biden administration should use its position to pressure Saudi Arabia and the UAE Stop standing in the way Work should be done for peace and with the international community so that they can catch criminals from all sides of the conflict.

National dialogue and way forward

Not only is the time to end the war, but the time has come for a new beginning. And no one is better equipped to chart that course than the Yemenis themselves.

10 months National conference Brought together an inclusive group of 565 delegates, 30% of them women. His actions represented a difficult political cohesion to bring the major parties together under one vision.
the resulting Roadmap Affirmed equal rights for all citizens and outlined a new decentralized federal system with equal use and distribution of wealth, natural resources and power to address internal grievances among the Yemenis. The Houthi coup in 2014 and the Saudi-Imrati war in 2015 were carried out to halt this political process and disrupt the peaceful transition of power. President Biden can help adhere strictly through his pledge that Americans work to lift the siege, prevent all forms of Saudi patronage and domination over Yemen, and a return to a process disrupted by authoritarians in 2014 and 2015 Facilitate, including the completion of a constitutional referendum. And hold elections, as they were trying to do.
As we see 10 years after the Arab Spring of Yemen, we must not forget The ability Infront of us. We need to stop the war and hold criminals accountable. I will use my voice I can relieve Yemen for everything he desperately needs. Yemen will be no less in a chess game played by outside powers. We will never stop our work towards a stable, prosperous democracy.

Yemen can create a beautiful future for Yemen. If only America would use its power to shine the light.




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