Opinion | When You Don’t Have Trump to Hide Behind

Opinion | When You Don’t Have Trump to Hide Behind

And it was true. But like many other journalists, I did not get into the ugliness of some founders in the past, such as 2002 advertisement by Rick Wilson, who tied Max Cleland, a Democratic senator who lost both legs and part of an arm to Osama bin Laden during his military service in Vietnam. (“Worse than disgusting” John McCain Said about it those days. “Malleable.”)

Like many other journalists, I panicked over many questions about enriching Lincoln Project leaders. Some answers have come up recently. Lincoln Project “Raised Over $ 87 Million in 2020 Election Cycle,” as Miranda Green Reported Last week in New York magazine, and run by Reed Galen, nearly $ 25 million was given by the co-founders of the Lincoln Project to firms running Summit Strategic Communications. A firm run by another founder Ron Staslow received more than $ 20 million.

We now have such specific information as the filing and dispersal of funds for several months from the filing of a financial disclosure form. And the Weaver scandal recently broke out not only because journalists had known and ignored her behavior, but because journalists who had been kept away from it eventually had the interviews and the evidence they needed.

But when Weaver’s allies were warned about him, the difference between the lies they were telling about him, the exodus of many of them, and the coverage of the aftermath of the Tide-Feel was realized. Their monopoly over our conversation and our fury has broken.

Also, consider this: If today’s Trump was Trump of Yours – which is to say, if he had won the election, it would not have been taken away from social media and still was Tweet for your spleen content – He dispelled such cruelty about the Lincoln Project that he countered these attacks with the organization’s sins to notice and censor. But Trump is far from Twitter, spitting out others.

This dynamic can have an impact on Andrew Cuomo. Her will Cover Kovid-19 deaths among residents of New York nursing homes are just as horrific if Trump were still in the White House to misuse the epidemic and lie more about it than anyone else – and exaggerate rants. To defend criticism of his own failures with. Of cuomo? Miss that kumo Got praise Particularly during the first chapter of the epidemic by styling himself as Trump’s public-relations affinity and conducting news conferences as factually as Trump. He no longer has that model and counterpart to burn.

Trump, sadly, is not going away: He dominates the Republican Party more than any other person. The candidates who have his blessings reflect his positions and even try to imitate his style, will shape political debate, keep Trumpism alive and continue anti-Trumpism relevance.



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