Opinion: Why Donald Trump could melt away

Opinion: Why Donald Trump could melt away

Now, for the Senate to begin its second impeachment trial, Trump must take another lesson from McCarthy. Red-betting MLA vowed to fight after political establishment I left him 1954 – and his millions of boosters were ready to rally again – but instead help the seemingly shameless Republicans from Wisconsin quietly recover the country in a way.

Trump’s “low blow” that was already evident. The former president raised fingers like a senator in exchange for a solution. Attacked, both baileys aimed to drop balls at their attackers. When an allegation against a manufactured enemy was clearly exposed, they lobbied for fresh bombings.

Each made their name in a ubiquitous brand. Neither had any master plan except to come to power and hang on. Both surprised the world and themselves, as far as they did.

Candidate trump Supporters beaten fiercely In 2016 that “I can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot anyone, and I won’t lose any voters.” Sixty-five years ago, George Gallup, the leading poll leader, made an offer Uniform forecast Regarding McCarthy’s minions: “Even if it was known that McCarthy had killed five innocent children, they would probably go with him.”
The relationship between the two is more than imaginary. Meat and Blood Link was Roy Marcus Cohan, a simple and tyrannical lawyer from New York. In the 1970s, an aging cohan Taught the runaway Trump Lessons he had learned a quarter century before his then boss McCarthy – how to denounce opponents and set off grand conspiracies. Trump has Celebrated her connection Though never with Cohan, never with McCarthy.
McCarthy captures the public’s imagination as long as Trump – a full four years. In early 1954, the anti-communist senator’s ratings of favorability were higher than the immigrant president’s prior, with a Complete 50% of Americans Saying he was doing a good job and his name was implied in public discussion as an “ism” which became synonymous with reckless accusations and guilt-by-association.

But then McCarthy put in his crosshairs to threaten an enemy with a very large, powerful US Army, America’s most vociferous and pious institution, and for communists who had waged a deadly war on the Korean peninsula.

By the end of the Senate’s famous Army-McCarthy hearing, the senator’s popularity Was sunk by 34%, Which almost says Trump in today’s elections.
GOP's post-Trump dilemma
That December, the Senate finally called for a backbone to condemn its rogue ally. McCarthy was disinterested, Branding of Congress Tribunal A “circus” pledges to “go back to the real work of digging communism” and even talk of running for president.
But he was not. It was partly He was not well. He walked in and out of Bethesda Naval Hospital for a bad back, elbows, soaked knees, herniated diaphragms, painful gallstones, bleeding gums, sinus obstruction, throbbing head and hemorrhoids, sore throat and liver pain. It is possible.

His medical record reveals another malfunction that kills his political woes as well as his physical qualities. He was a drinker in a drinking town. By mid-1956, a year before he died, McCarthy told doctors that his “daily intake of alcohol is 3 high.” “The patient is recovering from acute hallucinations and delirium,” wrote a neurologist.

However, there was more to this final closing chapter of the senator’s saga. He felt that it was not just a censor vote that he lost. Dwight D. He was murdered at the White House in Eisenhower Ensured that he would be stunned Not just there but in the Army, State Department, FBI and even the Post Office.

The newspapers sent him to page 25 next to the corset advertisements, or wrote him down completely. So were his Senate colleagues. Subject to the penalties, it is extreme that it was found just five times in 165 years of that chamber, which meant trading in an outdoor arena badge, which McCarthy had proudly worn since his first days in office, What was meant for the stigma of stigma also made it part of the president’s jokes.

So while he remained a US senator, he acted so politely that some did not heed him. And when he publicly insisted that he would run for the reunion in Wisconsin, he told a fellow, “Jean and I have enough money for a small cattle spill in Arizona. I am friends with my books and Can open a little law office for neighbors. And the degree is right in place. “

Is there any chance that Trump will melt in the same way? It doesn’t make sense, but it did for McCarthy, who also coveted the spotlight and continues to inspire tens of millions of true believers.

It is clear that the rogue former president has already gone several steps ahead of the senator. McCarthy struggled hard and dirty to win office for himself and his colleagues, yet when either was defeated, he accepted the result. And when he was pleased to please his unrighteous disciples, he ceased inciting rebellion.

If the former president continues according to form, there is one outcome that seems certain: he will displace McCarthy as America’s radical democracy, and McCarthyism will be replaced in the American lexicon by a more redundant doctrine – Trumpism .




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