Osaka and Brady, With Powerful Strokes and Zero Pretense, in Australian Open Final

Osaka and Brady, With Powerful Strokes and Zero Pretense, in Australian Open Final

MELBOURNE, Australia – An Australian Open finalist said how intimidating it was to serve against Serena Williams, and also voluntarily stated that she was guilty of eating out of her mind during a 14-day quarantine. It will be Naomi Osaka, who is 3 out of 3 in the final of the Grand Slam.

The other envisioned her post-match celebrations before winning the semi-finals, which distracted her attention and also offered not to watch any of the shows on her 14-day lockdown, as she knew she would walk around. Would like to be in bed all day.

It would be Jennifer Brady, a former UCLA standup, who became the first woman to come through the college ranks since Kathy Jordan in this tournament in 1983 to advance to the Grand Slam finals.

The Australian Open will have the most reliable high-octane servers in the women’s singles final, which you will never want to meet (just in court).

23-year-old Osaka and 25-year-old Brady have demonstrated ruthless power in their matches and weakened the vulnerability at their news conferences. Their agos do not see fabred eggs in need of careful handling, constant caress and gaze at everyone’s gaze.

They do not pretend that they are impervious to pressure or act as they all know. They do not act at all.

Osaka scored two match points against Garbani Muguruza in three sets of the fourth round and did not face a break point when he was 0–2 behind Williams in the first set of the semi-finals. She spoke to her coach, Wim Fitchet, and expressed “the nerves I feel rather than bottling it all over and trying to deal with it myself.”

Brady scored four match points on Thursday before sending Karolina Muchova in three sets. “I was just so nervous,” she said. “I couldn’t feel my feet. My arms were shivering. I was hoping that she would leave, and she didn’t come.”

Brady was also master of the cardinal sin of getting ahead of himself. “I was just thinking about the chance and the end result,” said Brady, who completed the match in 18 points of play which included three break points and five match points.

She appeared to win on her second match point when she hit a backhand which Motova threw into the net. Brady dropped his knees in relief and disbelief only to find that the electronic technology system showed that his shot landed on a thumbnail outside the line.

One of the best matches of the season if it was installed at last year’s United State Open, via remote tracking cameras deployed around Melbourne park courts and the live electronic line calling system introduced in this tournament Osaka may be involved, unfolded differently.

It was Brady’s Grand Slam semi-final debut, and he and Osaka landed their racquets like a torch, sending fireballs from the baseline. Osaka won the first set in the tiebreaker and Brady also won the second match.

Osaka did not break Brady’s serve until the third set, when she went out 2–1 with a 15–40 lead, with Brady taking a break when the shot was taken out. Brady did not challenge the call. It turned out that the ball was inside. Brady lost 6-3 and Osaka defeated Victoria Azarenka for the championship.

“My coaches were trying to tell me, ‘Challenge the ball!” And I was like, ‘I’m not going to challenge the ball,’ Brady said with a twit. “You never know. It could be a turning point or maybe I still lose the match.”

Osaka described the match as “super high quality” and said, “This is easily one of my most memorable matches.”

Brady agreed and said: “During the match I felt like, wow, this is a great match. It got to the point where I was feeling like I didn’t want to end it. I just had so much fun having had. “

Saturday’s final would only be their second professional meet, but they have known each other since they competed in the USTA-sanctioned tournament in Florida, where they both grew up.

Brady said, “I remember I used to play him and I was like, wow, he hits the ball a lot.” “He’s going to be good.”

Brady did not like tennis much in those days.

“I was doing just because I had to, because I had nothing else to do, because I didn’t know what else to do other than going and practicing five hours a day and just waking up and doing it again. Have to, ”Brady said.

He did not win many matches, he said, which did not help.

“I thought, well, maybe I’m not for this game, maybe I’m not very good,” Brady said. “I will go to college for four years and then get a real job.”

Brady spent two years at UCLA, where he helped the tennis team to a national title as a freshman in 2014 and matured on the court. After bouncing around in the tennis minor-league circuit, Brady won his first WTA event last August in Lexington, Ky.

He celebrated the end of 2020 in Germany by spending his coach Michael Geser’s homeland, like he never did before.

“Once you’re very comfortable, I think when you’re in trouble,” said Brady, who did the homic, but outdid himself by saying, “I have to do what I have to do right now.” To be a good tennis player. And then later I can live my life. “

Osaka said that his motivation to become the best tennis player could come from those with whom he has surrounded himself.

“I really want to do well as a vessel for everyone’s hard work,” he said, adding, “If I won or lost a tennis match, I would weigh my entire existence.” I am not feeling like this. “

Osaka voiced not to be a monotonous machine and adopted a winning streak leading to 20 matches. Brady embraced the inconvenience of being stuck in a hotel room 24 hours a day for 14 days, when people moving to Australia tested positive for coronovirus and never looked more comfortable in court.

By best managing stressful situations, they have managed to stand the last two women. Who can’t relate to that these days?



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