Sunday, May 9, 2021

Oscar: ABC talks at ‘great risk’ that some think may not have been paid

Hopkins was not present to receive his Oscar.

Rob Mills, Executive VP of Unpublished and Alternative Entertainment at Walt Disney Television, Talked to Variety And focused on the show’s positives aired on ABC this year.

“There were actually a lot of risks that some could see were not paid,” Mills said. “But it was just great to do something different and not know what’s going to happen next – and not towards those glowing eyes, ‘Oh, I’ve seen this before I know exactly what Is going to be.’

He said that it was not just the order of the final awards that was changed, but rather that “the whole show was mixed.”

Mills also addressed Hopkins’ surprise win by saying “it was not meant to end up on someone who was not present.”

“It was a calculated risk, which I think still paid off because everyone was talking about it. Likewise, nobody wants the wrong envelope, like it was three years ago, but Everyone was talking about it, ”he said. “I think some people thought they might have missed some awards. ‘Why is the best picture early?’ Or, ‘What’s up, this is crazy,’ almost like, ‘How could this possibly happen? The best picture is to end it.’ Some people were upset, some people liked it and what really was there was no indifference. “


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